When is the 500th episode of the Simpsons?

When is the 500th episode of the Simpsons?

On November 4, 2016, The Simpsons was renewed for seasons 29 and 30, again on February 6, 2019 for seasons 31 and 32, and again on March 3, 2021 for seasons 33 and 34. On February 19, 2012, The Simpsons reached its 500th episode in the twenty-third season. It reached its 600th episode on October 16, 2016, in its twenty-eighth season.

When was the eighteenth season of the Simpsons?

The Simpsons ‘ eighteenth season aired from September 10, 2006 to May 20, 2007. The season contained seven hold-over episodes from the season 17 (HABF) production line. Al Jean served as the showrunner, a position he has held since the thirteenth season .

When does season 5 of the Simpsons come out on DVD?

The DVD boxset for season five was released by 20th Century Fox in the United States and Canada on December 21, 2004, ten years after it had completed broadcast on television. As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material including deleted scenes, animatics, and commentaries for every episode.

What was the most popular episode of Season 5 of the Simpsons?

The Simpsons (season 5) The season contains some of the series’ most acclaimed and popular episodes, including ” Cape Feare “, ” Homer Goes to College ” and ” Rosebud “. It also includes the 100th episode, ” Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song “. The season was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards and won an Annie Award for Best Animated…


How many episodes are there in the Simpsons?

“Steal This Episode” is the ninth episode of the 25th season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, and the 539th episode of the series.

What happens at the end of the Simpsons?

The family is forced to spend all of their savings to get Bart’s new tattoo removed, and with no money for Christmas, Homer is forced to become a store Santa. Error: please try again.

When does steal this episode come out on the Simpsons?

9th episode of the twenty-fifth season of The Simpsons. “Steal This Episode” is the ninth episode of the 25th season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, and the 539th episode of the series. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 5, 2014.

Which is the best episode of the Simpsons?

Brick Like Me is a brilliant Simpsons episode with a very well written storyline and loads of very funny scenes throughout.This is the shows milestone 550th episode,and they picked a good subject matter to focus on,Homer and Lisa’s relationship,but they explored it in a very different way,in a world where Springfield is made out…

Who are the cast members of the Simpsons?

Thirty years into the future, Bart is having trouble dealing with his divorce, Lisa is struggling with her marriage to Milhouse, and Marge is finally fed up after burying yet another Homer clone. Directors: Bob Anderson, Mike B. Anderson | Stars: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith

When did The Simpsons Movie come out in theaters?

Episodes of The Simpsons have won dozens of awards, including 31 Emmys (ten for Outstanding Animated Program ), 30 Annies, and a Peabody. The Simpsons Movie, a feature-length film, was released in theaters worldwide on July 26 and 27, 2007 and grossed US$526.2 million worldwide.