Whats better led or CMH?

Whats better led or CMH?

LED bulbs last 50,000 hours compared to 20,000 for CMH. If you are planning for obsolescence and want the greatest yield ROI within 1-2-year time frame, choose CMH. And even if you keep your grow space past 5 years, don’t worry, CMH’s provide a greater gram per watt due to their higher PPF and canopy penetration.

How many lumens is 400 watts?

20,000 lumens
A typical 400 watt highbay produces 20,000 lumens with a brand new lamp.

How much power does a 400 watt metal halide use?

452 watts
In fact, a 400 watt MH light actually consumes 452 watts, due to the ballast factor. In actuality, the 50 400 watt lights consume 22,600 watts of power each hour, or 22.6 kilowatt hours ( kWh) of hydro each hour.

Are metal halide bulbs expensive to run?

At an average cost of 0.09 cents per kilowatt, a system of 1,000 400-watt Metal Halide fixtures costs $41.22 per hour. If the fixtures run an average of 730 hours every month (730 x $41.22), it ends up costing $30,090.60 every month or $30.09 per month in energy per fixture.

Which is more efficient LED or metal halide lighting?

Calculating lumen efficiency for metal halide: 36,000 lumens / 455 watts = 79.12 lumens / watt. Compare that with our 150 Watt Retrofit Kit: 23,250 lumens / 150 watts = 155 lumens/watt. That’s almost double the efficiency of Metal Halide. Remember the golden energy saving rule: Efficacy, or efficiency Saves You Money!

How many lumens for a 2000 watt metal halide?

2000 watt Metal Halide. These are big lights typically used in large areas or sports lights like Basketball Court Lights . You will need about 70,000 to 80,000 lumens. That requires our 600 watt fixtures or 2 of the 300 watt smaller fixtures. There are no LED retrofit bulbs this big, replacing the fixtures

Why are metal halide lights referred to as HID lights?

An LED retrofit kit is a set of LED components that allows you to replace the metal halide components with LED components using the existing fixture. They help cut the initial costs of converting to LED lighting and offer a more accessible way for facilities to modernize. Why are Metal Halide lights referred to as HID Lights?

How much does a halide LED light cost?

The typical 100W-equivalent LED light costs somewhere between $10 and $20. A 100W Metal Halide light costs somewhere between $10 and $30 per bulb depending on the specifications. LEDs are solid state lights (SSLs) that are difficult to damage with physical shocks.