What type of music is enigma?

What type of music is enigma?


Who is the girl in Enigma?

Joan Clarke, woman who cracked Enigma cyphers with Alan Turing. Joan Clarke’s ingenious work as a codebreaker during WW2 saved countless lives, and her talents were formidable enough to command the respect of some of the greatest minds of the 20th Century, despite the sexism of the time.

Where does the group Enigma come from?


What is similar to Enigma?

Similar To

  • Dead Can Dance.
  • Deep Forest.
  • B-Tribe.
  • Bel Canto.
  • Clannad.
  • Delerium.
  • Julee Cruise.
  • Lisa Gerrard.

Who did Joan Clarke marry?

John Kenneth Ronald Murraym. 1952–1986
Joan Clarke/Spouse

After the war, Clarke worked for Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). There, in 1947, she met Lieutenant-Colonel John Kenneth Ronald Murray, a retired army officer who had served in India. They were married by the Bishop of Chichester on 26 July 1952 in Chichester Cathedral, where her father was a Canon.

What year was Enigma sadeness?

Enigma’s combination of Gregorian chants with new-age dance beats was a global hit in 1990.

Who sang the song sadness?


What kind of music does the band Enigma make?

Enigma generally produces worldbeat and new age songs. The musical project is very experimental, often combining elements from other genres like ambience, pop, or rock. Michael Cretu has said in an Q&A that he is ” always looking for the unknown and I am trying to find new ways to express my ideas.”

What kind of music does Enigma play Sadeness?

Mysterious Enigma Speaks About ‘Sadeness’ : Romanian native Michael Cretu mixes Gregorian chants and Euro-dance beats for an international hit. From a Los Angeles Times interview: “The most unexpected result of the campaign was questions over possible satanist content in the music.

When did evil woman by Electric Light Orchestra come out?

“Evil Woman” is a song written and recorded by Electric Light Orchestra. First released on the band’s fifth album, 1975’s Face the Music. Released as a single in 1975 the song became the band’s first worldwide hit.

Where did the song Evil Woman come from?

The lyric “There’s a hole in my head where the rain comes in” is a tribute to The Beatles’ song “Fixing a Hole”. In 1995, Michael Stipe imitated Jeff Lynne at an R.E.M. concert at Madison Square Garden on their Monster Tour, he wore a frizzy wig and sang “Evil Woman” before the show with Luscious Jackson playing the music.