What song sounds like brothers in arms?

What song sounds like brothers in arms?

“Brothers in Arms” or “Bird of Paradise”? Two similar songs… “Brothers in Arms” is one of the greatest classic hits by Dire Straits and a song that marked one music era. However, the song had its popularity around the world.

Is brothers in arms about Vietnam?

John Kerry and his Mekong Delta Navy fastboat unit in Vietnam get together to relive their past and visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.

Who first recorded brothers in arms?

Dire Straits
Brothers in Arms (song)

“Brothers in Arms”
Songwriter(s) Mark Knopfler
Producer(s) Neil Dorfsman Mark Knopfler
Dire Straits singles chronology
“Money for Nothing” (1985) “Brothers in Arms” (1985) “Walk of Life” (1985)

What is Brothers in Arms based on?

Debuting in 2005, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 centered on a group of paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines on D-Day. The original game, which launched on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, was based on true events of the historic Mission Albany of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment.

Who sang bird paradise?

Snowy White
Bird of Paradise/Artists

Why did Mark Knopfler write brothers in arms?

This song was inspired by the Falklands War, which was going on when Dire Straits lead singer Mark Knopfler wrote the song. The Falklands War was a conflict between Argentina and the UK over islands off the coast of Argentina that each country claimed rights to.

Who mixed brothers in arms?

Brothers in Arms (album)

Brothers in Arms
Length 55:11
Label Vertigo
Producer Neil Dorfsman Mark Knopfler
Dire Straits chronology

Can a Bird of Paradise Fly?

In plumage, birds of paradise range from black to a painter’s palette of bright colors. A few birds of paradise inhabit open savannas, and some can also be seen in gardens, on the edges of town, flying across highways, or even in centrally located public parks, as long as there are trees.

Who wrote the song bird of paradise?

Bird of Paradise/Composers

What does sister in arms mean?

—often used in the brother/sister/comrade in arms to indicate one has helped to fight an enemy especially in a war He and I were brothers in arms.

What kind of guitar is on brothers in Arms album cover?

The guitar featured on the front of the album cover is Mark Knopfler’s 1937 14-fret National Style “O” Resonator. The Style “O” line of guitars was introduced in 1930 and discontinued in 1941.

Who is the producer of brothers in arms?

The album was produced by songwriter Mark Knopfler and Neil Dorfsman, who had engineered Dire Straits 1982 album Love over Gold and Knopfler’s 1983 soundtrack album Local Hero. Brothers in Arms was one of the first albums recorded on a Sony 24-track digital tape machine.

When was brothers in arms by Dire Straits released?

Brothers in Arms is the fifth studio album by British rock band Dire Straits, released on 13 May 1985 by Vertigo Records internationally and by Warner Bros. Records in the United States. It charted at number one in several countries, spending a total of 14 non-consecutive weeks at number one on the UK Albums Chart…

How many copies of brothers in arms have been sold?

It is certified nine-times platinum in the US, and is one of the world’s best-selling albums, having sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.