What scope do I need for 400 yards?

What scope do I need for 400 yards?

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II is ideal for shooting at 400-500 yards. It has a magnification range of 6-18x. Couple this with this riflescope’s Dead-hold BDC reticle, this scope allows you that flexibility in shooting at different ranges and distances.

What is the best rifle scope under $300?

8 Best Rifle Scopes Under $300

  1. Vortex Crossfire II 6-18X44 AO Rifle Scope – Best Overall.
  2. Leupold VX-Freedom 4-12X40 Riflescope – Best Lightweight Scope.
  3. Primary Arms 4-14X44 Riflescope – Best Illuminated Reticle Scope.
  4. Vortex Crossfire II 6-24X50 AO – Best Long Range Rifle Scope.
  5. Monstrum G3 6-24X50 – Best Tactical Scope.

Is a .300 Win Mag a good deer rifle?

300 Win Mag is your caliber. The 150-grain loads in a . 300 are smoking. With an average velocity hovering around the 3,200 to 3,300 fps mark, these light weights are great for deer and antelope, really any game that inhabits open country where shots might come at 250 to 300 yards or beyond.

What size scope is best for 300 yards?

The answer is really simple: a 3-9X riflescope provides an additional level of magnification for every 100 feet, all the way out to 300 yards (900 feet). For many years, 300 yards was about the limit of what most big-game hunters considered to be an ethical shooting distance.

What is the advantage of a 30mm scope tube?

So what, then, are the advantages of a 30mm scope tube? The walls can be made thicker for added strength and durability or the internal lenses can be made slightly larger, which increases optical performance simply because larger lenses always perform better than smaller ones, all else being equal.

Which is the best scope for 300 Win Mag?

If you want to find the best scope for 300 Win Mag, then you’ll have to understand 300 Win Mag as a cartridge. It is a bottlenecked magnum rifle cartridge introduced in the sixties. It is based on the .375 H&H Magnum and designed to fit in a standard rifle action.

Which is the best scope for a 3x40mm rifle?

1. Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Compact Riflescope With Leupold’s VX-1, you get more bang for your buck. It makes the top of our list because of its modest pricing that does not compromise its high performance and versatility. This scope is perfect for mid-range targets.

Which is the best 300 win magnum rifle?

If you are looking for long-range accuracy, .300 Winchester Magnum (.300 Win Mag for short) should be near the top of your list. Since it was first introduced to the public in 1963, this cartridge has gained serious popularity among hunters, long-range target shooters, and military snipers.

How big of a magnification do I need for a 300 magnum?

For close-range shooting, you’ll need a scope that provides a magnification of 1-4x. Close-range shooting falls within 200 yards. Anything beyond that would require a scope with a magnification of at least 10x. Cheaply-made scopes will fold under the pressure of the .300 Winchester Magnum’s extreme recoil.