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What religion is Guillermo Maldonado?

What religion is Guillermo Maldonado?

Evangelical Christian pastor
Guillermo Maldonado (born 1965 or 1966) is a Honduran-American Evangelical Christian pastor, televangelist, and author. He is the co-founder and senior pastor of El Rey Jesús, a New Apostolic megachurch located in Miami, Florida.

What denomination is King Jesus Ministry?

Nondenominational Christianity
King Jesus Ministry/Denominations

Who is King Jesus?

Jesus is NOT just a king, as in one of many. He is THE King, the Ruler of all the kings of the earth (Revelation 1:5). He is directly given the title: “King of kings and Lord of lords” twice in the Scriptures (Revelation 17:14; 19:16). To be a king means to have power.

Is Maldonado a pastor?

Pastor Rafael Maldonado Motta (Spanish pronunciation: [pasˈtoɾ maldoˈnaðo]; born 9 March 1985) is a Venezuelan professional racing driver, who competed in Formula One for the Williams (2011–2013) and Lotus (2014–2015) teams and as a Pirelli test driver until 2017. …

What does it mean God is king?

The “king” metaphor for God also implies power. Authority cannot be exercised without some form of power. God’s power as king can be generally defined as the way in which God exercises God’s authority and realizes God’s coming kingdom.

Why did Maldonado leave f1?

Maldonado retired from his first race, the Australian Grand Prix, due to transmission problems. In the Malaysian Grand Prix, he failed to reach Q2 in qualifying and again dropped out of the race.

When did Guillermo Maldonado start his racing career?

Guillermo Maldonado (born October 29, 1952 in Buenos Aires Province ), is an Argentine racing driver. He started his career in the late 70s and retired after 1996. He won the Fórmula Two Argentina championship 1980 and 1982, the four editions of the Fórmula Two Codasur championship (from 1983 to 1986) and the TC2000 championship in 1994.

Which is the best book by Guillermo Maldonado?

Maldonado won the Spanish Evangelical Press Association (SEPA) award for the best original books in Spanish which are; Maldonado, Guillermo (2012). La Gloria de Dios .

Who is Guillermo Maldonado married to and what does he do?

His teachings also focus on establishing what he calls the Kingdom of God. He explains that the Kingdom of God is not a physical place, but a network of thoughts, lifestyle, principles, laws and fundamentals that govern the entire universe. Maldonado is married to Ministry partner Ana Maldonado.

When did Guillermo Maldonado win the TC2000 championship?

(January 2014) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Guillermo Maldonado (born October 29, 1952 in Buenos Aires Province ), is an Argentine racing driver. He won the TC2000 championship in 1994. This biographical article related to Argentine auto racing is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.