What organ is behind the belly button?

What organ is behind the belly button?

The pancreas is an organ that lies behind the stomach and next to part of the small intestine. The pancreas aids in digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates by secreting digestive enzymes into the first part of the small intestine (duodenum).

Should I go to the ER for belly button pain?

If your stomach pain is severe, chronic, or accompanied by additional symptoms, visit your nearest ER as soon as possible to receive a diagnosis and treatment. Some signs and symptoms that may mean your stomach pain is serious enough to go to the ER include: New onset of pain. Chronic abdominal pain.

What causes stabbing pain in stomach?

What are sharp pains in the stomach? Causes of sharp pains in the stomach can include gas, stomach viruses, appendicitis, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, and other conditions. Abdominal pain is pain that you feel anywhere in your stomach region.

Can a dirty belly button cause pain?

If you develop a skin infection, you might see pus leaking from your belly button. Sometimes the pus will smell. Other symptoms include not only pain, but also redness or discoloration, and swelling in the area.

What does a pain in your belly button mean?

Many minor conditions can cause pain in the navel area and even radiate to other areas of the body, including the pelvis, legs, and chest. Common causes include indigestion, constipation, and pregnancy. Treatment depends on the underlying cause.

What causes a sharp pain below the belly button?

Bloating with belly button pain can also be caused by appendicitis . This condition occurs when the appendix becomes infected and then inflamed. The appendix is part of the large intestine, which is why the pain is near the belly button. Other symptoms of appendicitis include fever and an upset stomach.

Why is my stomach bigger above my belly button?

Lump in the Stomach above Belly Button. The first one can be felt as a lump in the stomach. It is more common in infants, and is caused by the abdomen wall being protruded by part of the intestine. Inguinal hernia is a less common cause for the lump above belly button, because the protrusion usually occurs in the groin or scrotum.

Why does my belly button piercing hurt so bad?

Piercing is one of the most common causes of belly button pain. The pain will not go away until your wound heals. If the pain remains after your wound has already healed completely. This may be caused by the injury when you put on your clothes.

What is throbbing pain near to belly button?

Reasons for Pain Near the Belly Button Gas. Not only can it be embarrassing, but having gas can be uncomfortable and even very painful. Constipation. Indigestion. Food Allergies. Lactose Intolerance. Food Poisoning. Stomach Flu. IBS. Side Effects From Medication. Urinary Tract Infections.