What LNB do I need for DStv Explora?

What LNB do I need for DStv Explora?

DStv Smart LNB
The DStv Smart LNB is recommended for all DStv Explora and most XtraView installations.

What is the price of DStv LNB?

DStv Nigeria on Twitter: “@laynchap the Chord LNB is N5,000 while the LNB Cable is N2000 for 100 yards.

Can DStv Explora work with single LNB?

The DStv Explora can only be connected to this output. Each multiswitch output (labelled 1 to 4) outputs a signal equivalent to a normal multiswitch output or a single LNB output. The DStv Switch comes with 3 cables. You may need additional cabling, depending on your set up.

How much does it cost to upgrade to DStv Explora?

DStv Explora Ultra. Multichoice has launched its new DStv Explora Ultra decoder. The company has partnered with Netflix to include it in its offering to DStv subscribers. The new Explora will go on sale next week and will cost R2 499.

How long should a LNB last?

Expected life can be anything from 18 months (in Spain etc) upwards. Water ingress and excess heat shorten life drastically but around 4 to 5 years should be about average depending on quality of construction.

How much is DSTV installation?

How Much Does DSTV Installation Cost?

Labour per hour depending on installation R400.00 – R750.00
Twin LNB R300.00 – R450.00
60 – 90m Satellite Dish R250.00 – R450.00
10m cable Included

Can I trade in my old DStv decoder?

You will keep accessing DStv for as long as your older Single View decoder is still working. You can, however, trade-in your active Single View decoder at any of our service centres or agencies for a brand new DStv HD Decoder for only R349.

Can a LNB go bad?

LNBs can degrade over time, particularly in locations exposed to extreme weather conditions. Signs of a faulty LNB include missing satellite television channels, video pixelation, signal drop-out during heavy rain or the complete loss of signal.

Can you use an Explora with a smart LNB?

Later on, DStv stopped issuing the switch and they started selling their Smart LNB along with their Explora. Prior to their most recent promo, when you buy an Explora, you will not be given DStv smart LNB. Sadly, without the DStv Smart LNB, the Explora would not receive a signal.

Which is the best LNB for DSTV Explora?

MultiChoice recommends the DStv Smart LNB for all DStv Explora and most XtraView installations (when installed in a Single Unit Dwelling, ie. where customers make use of their own satellite dish).

How much does the DStv smart LNB cost?

How much does the DStv Smart LNB cost and where can I get one? The recommended retail price of the DStv Smart LNB is R449. It is available via our Accredited Installers, MultiChoice Service Centres and DStv Agencies.

How much does DSTV Explora ultra installation cost?

DStv Explora Ultra Installation Special. Installed to one point, includes satellite dish, smart LNB, Explora Ultra decoder, remote control, labour & unlimited aerial cable to 1 point. R3599.00.