What league is the Kalamazoo Growlers?

What league is the Kalamazoo Growlers?

Northwoods League
Kalamazoo Growlers/Leagues
Baseball is back and better than ever in Kalamazoo with the city’s newest team, the Kalamazoo Growlers. The Growlers are 6th year members of the Northwoods League, the country’s premier summer collegiate baseball league.

Are Kalamazoo Growlers minor league?

The team plays its home games at Homer Stryker Field….

Kalamazoo Growlers
League Northwoods League (Great Lakes East Division 2019-pres) (South Division 2014-2018)
Location Kalamazoo, Michigan
Ballpark Homer Stryker Field

Did the Kalamazoo Growlers win tonight?

The Growlers closed the season out with a win last night. Here are the highlights from the Growlers 10-3 win over Kokomo, including Growlers starting pitcher Collin Bradley being named the Northwoods League Pitcher of the Night!

Does Michigan have a major league baseball team?

Michigan State Sports Teams Michigan’s major-league sports teams include: Detroit Tigers baseball team, Detroit Lions football team, Detroit Red Wings ice hockey team, and the Detroit Pistons men’s basketball team. All of Michigan’s major league teams play in the Metro Detroit area.

Where do the growlers play?

Homer Stryker Field
Where is the ballpark? The Growlers play at Homer Stryker Field which is part of Mayors Riverfront Park, located on the outskirts of downtown at 251 Mills St. Kalamazoo, MI 49048.

What is the Michigan baseball team called?

Michigan Wolverines baseball team
The Michigan Wolverines baseball team represents the University of Michigan in NCAA Division I college baseball. Along with most other Michigan athletic teams, the baseball team participates in the Big Ten Conference. They play their home games at Ray Fisher Stadium.

Are the Whitecaps AA or AAA?

West Michigan Whitecaps

Minor league affiliations
Class High-A (2021–present)
Previous classes Class A (1994–2020)
League High-A Central (2021–present)
Division East Division

What is wrong with growlers?

The Growlers’ frontman Brooks Nielsen issues apology over sexual misconduct allegations against the band. The Growlers frontman Brooks Nielsen has issued an apology over sexual misconduct allegations aimed at the band.

Are The Growlers broken up?

In a statement issued via Instagram on July 31, 2020, Growlers singer Brooks Nielsen took “full responsibility and accountability for the behavior of all Growlers’ band members, past and present,” and announced that Matt Taylor would temporarily leave the band.

What was the highest baseball score ever?

49 runs
The highest combined score in a game is 49 runs on August 25, 1922, when the Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 26–23.


Where do the Kalamazoo Growlers play their home games?

The Kalamazoo Growlers will play 36 home games at Homer Stryker Field, located in Kalamazoo’s Mayors’ Riverfront Park. The address at Homer Stryker Field, 251 Mills Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49048. The front office number is 269.492.9966. Homer Stryker Field seats over 3,171 fans.

Is there a baseball team in Kalamazoo MI?

Kalamazoo had been without a baseball team since the Kalamazoo Kings of the Frontier League disbanded in 2011. The contract stipulated that the Northwoods League would pay expenses associated with the team’s home games, practice and the maintenance of Homer Stryker Field.

Where is Homer Stryker Field in Kalamazoo located?

The address at Homer Stryker Field, 251 Mills Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49048. The front office number is 269.492.9966. Homer Stryker Field seats over 3,171 fans. It originally opened in 1963 and has been home to two Frontier League teams, the Kalamazoo Kodiaks and the Kalamazoo Kings, as well as numerous youth, high school and collegiate tournaments.

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