What kind of car is the 2014 Camaro?

What kind of car is the 2014 Camaro?

The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro is available as a coupe and convertible, and in over half a dozen trim levels. Base LS models, available as a coupe only, come with a 6-speaker AM/FM/CD/satellite audio system with Bluetooth and an auxiliary jack, cruise control, 18-inch steel wheels and a limited-slip differential.

What kind of car is a 1968 Chevy Camaro?

1968 chevrolet camaro 1968 chevrolet camaro in purple with white interior. Comes equipped with a manual transmission, solid wheels, racing stripes and includes the original owner’s manual. Very clean and presentable.

Where can I buy a 2019 Chevy Camaro?

To save your search and get updates on new inventory and price drops, sign up for a profile. Vehicle available to be shipped to your home. Contact the dealership for details. This car isn’t for the faint of heart, there is a lot of power in this v8 455hp engine.

What kind of engine does a Chevrolet Camaro have?

The Camaro now offers five engine choices for 2014: LS and LT models use a 323-horsepower 3.6-liter direct-injected LFX V6. SS versions have a 400-horsepower 6.2-liter L99 V8 with Active Fuel Management (for automatic transmission models) or a 426-horsepower 6.2-liter LS3 V8.

Are there any used Camaros for sale on AutoTrader?

Autotrader has 662 Used Chevrolet Camaros for sale, including a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible, a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe, and a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe w/ RS Package. Not sure if a Camaro is the right fit for you?

Where was the 2014 Chevy Camaro last serviced?

1st owner purchased on 10/12/13 and owned in OH until 09/12/14 • 2nd owner purchased on 02/10/15 and owned in OH until 03/22/21. 1st owner drove an estimated 6,620 miles/year • 2nd owner drove an estimated 1,030 miles/year. Last serviced at 24,065 miles in Findlay, OH on 10/24/20 • Vehicle serviced • Oil and filter changed.

Is the Chevy Camaro a good looking car?

It is so nice to have the power i need to pass or get around objects. It is highly maneuverable. Its just a joy to drive. Transmission: Manual 6 Speed Color: Red Interior Color: Black Average Vehicle Review: (4.166666666666667 reviews) It’s a great looking car and gas efficient.

What kind of turbocharger does a 2014 Camaro have?

Chevy Camaro SS 2014, Stage 2T Windstorm TVS Supercharger Kit by Livernois Motorsports®. This premium product is the best way to go for those looking for the highest quality replacement that offers supreme levels of quality, performance… EFR Series 6758 WG Turbocharger by BorgWarner®.

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Where was the 1969 Camaro cross ram built?

Block stamping V0728DZ indicates a 302ci Z/28 engine built on July 28, 1969 at the Flint, Michigan plant. Period-style engine bay details include a Delco battery and replicated inspection markings.

How big is the front wheel on a Camaro?

Wheels Front Wheel Size (in) 19 x 8.0 Front Wheel Size (in) 18 x 7.5 Rear Wheel Size (in) 19 x 8.0 Rear Wheel Size (in) 18 x 7.5 Spare Wheel Size (in) Compact

What are the different modes of a Camaro?

It includes three modes: Tour, Sport and Track. The original 1967 Z/28 was designed for racing, and Chevrolet says the 2014 edition also focuses on track capability. It comes only as a coupe with a six-speed manual transmission and aerodynamics optimized for high-speed driving.

A high-performance ZL1 edition powered by a 580-horsepower, supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 is also available in either body style, and for 2014 Chevrolet has resurrected the Z/28 model as a coupe with a 505-hp, 7.0-liter V-8. The Camaro competes with other retro-inspired muscle cars including the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang.

Are there any air bags left for a Camaro?

Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Only 1 left! 1993-1997 CHEVROLET CAMARO DRIVER AIR BAG USED OEM! Only 1 left!

What’s the top speed of a Chevrolet Camaro?

Chevrolet says that the Camaro ZL1 will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 184 mph. Reviewers agree that the V6 models pack enough power to live up to their muscle car heritage, while Camaro SS and ZL1 models offer a tremendous level of power.

Is the Chevy Camaro a coupe or convertible?

The Chevrolet Camaro is an iconic piece of American automotive history, and the 2014 model continues with a design that visually ties it to the original, but is updated to keep the style-heavy coupe looking modern. The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro is offered in both coupe and convertible forms, with multiple trim levels to choose from.

What’s the 0-60 mph time of a Camaro ZL1?

Then there’s the ZL1 with a supercharged V8 that manifests 580 horsepower and boasts a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds. That’s supercar-quick, and thanks to its built-in launch control, that model can accelerate thus so even by novices.

How much horsepower does a Chevy Camaro have?

Like its rivals the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, the Camaro boasts retro-inspired looks, loads of power, and decent everyday livability. And thankfully, today’s buyers don’t necessarily have to choose performance over fuel economy, with a base V6 Camaro good for 323 horsepower and up to 30 mpg.

How much does a 2014 Camaro Z28 cost?

Monthly Estimate based on a 4.4% rate for 60 months, $54,960 vehicle price, $0 down payment, $0 trade-in, $0 sales tax. I asked for additional photos of the vehicle, they asked for my phone number.

What are the air bags on a 2014 Camaro?

The 2014 Camaros are equipped with the OnStar Automatic Crash Response designed to automatically connect to emergency assistance if a crash occurs, whether or not the air bags deploy.

What kind of engine does a Camaro Z / 28 have?

The long-awaited Camaro Z/28 is returning with a 7.0-liter LS7 engine, minimal frills and a big sticker price. It claims to be the most track-capable factory-built Camaro ever made. Ever since it burst into showrooms four years ago, Chevrolet’s latest generation Camaro has helped spark a revival among muscle cars.

What’s the name of the new Chevy Camaro?

The Camaro competes with other retro-inspired muscle cars including the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang. (Skip to details on the: Camaro convertible, Camaro ZL1 and Camaro Z/28) New for 2014. The Camaro receives several tweaks including new front and rear styling with redesigned headlamps and LED taillights.

When did the new Chevy Camaro come out?

At the 2013 New York Auto Show, Chevrolet unveiled the 2014 Chevy Camaro that received a number of changes, all contributing to its new, bold appearance. The front end of the new Camaro received a slimmer, more refined grille along with a wider, lower fascia.

What are the brakes on a 2014 Camaro?

Brakes: 4-wheel antilock, 4-wheel disc (Single piston front brakes with super corner rear brakes.) The 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe is available now from $24,550. The RS package is available on all the LS and LT trims, but the 2LT is the best equipped at about $30,000 before the other goodies.

What are the different levels of the Camaro?

The Camaro was made available as a coupé in five different trim levels; the LS, 1LT, 2LT, 1SS, and 2SS.

When did the fifth generation Camaro come out?

For general Camaro information, see Chevrolet Camaro. The fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro is a pony car that was manufactured by American automobile manufacturer Chevrolet from 2010 to 2015 model years. It is the fifth distinct generation of the muscle/pony car to be produced since its original introduction in 1967.

When did the Chevrolet Camaro test mules come out?

These vehicles were used for crash testing, test driving, and to handle extreme weather conditions such as in Canada, Arizona, and Australia. By January 2008, Chevrolet announced that the test mules will not be camouflaged and various images of the Camaro were released in the same year, including pre-production models.

What kind of engine does a Camaro ZL1 have?

ZL1 models use a 580-horsepower supercharged LSA V8. New to the lineup for 2014 is a 7.0-liter LS7 naturally aspirated V8 for the Camaro Z/28, which is only available with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Where can I buy a 2001 Chevy Camaro?

The Chevrolet Camaro carries on a long tradition of offering world-class horsepower and performance in a car the average American can easily afford. With the largest selection of cars from dealers and private sellers, Autotrader can help find the perfect Camaro for you.

When did the Berlinetta Camaro come to the world?

This particular Berlinetta came from the third generation F-body Camaro. Auto Europa shares that the Camaro arrived in this world in 1967 with a sole mission: killing Stangs. No joke.

Is the Berlinetta badge on the front of the Camaro?

Berlinetta badges also grace the exterior of the vehicle everywhere from the C pillar to the alloy wheels. An odd move for GM, but definitely the right call. This is one seriously good looking car. Once the rear hatch is opened you see just how well-maintained this Starship Camaro has been kept.

What kind of gas mileage does a Camaro get?

A six-speed manual transmission is standard on the base 1LS model, while a six-speed automatic is available on 2LS and higher trims. The EPA reports that the 2014 Camaro gets up to 19/30 mpg city/highway, which is about average for a muscle car, but less than the fuel economy of rivals like the Mazda Miata and Scion FR-S.

Is the Chevy Camaro ZL1 a slow car?

No Camaro is slow. With over 320 horsepower, even the basest of Camaro models has enough power to produce grin-inducing straight-line blasts. Then there’s the ZL1 with a supercharged V8 that manifests 580 horsepower and boasts a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds.

Where was the Chevrolet Camaro concept car made?

After the public introduction of the concept cars, Chevrolet started constructing several camouflaged test mules of the Camaro which were manufactured by Holden costing about US$250,000 each. These vehicles were used for crash testing, test driving, and to handle extreme weather conditions such as in Canada, Arizona, and Australia.

Is there going to be a Camaro ZL1 in 2015?

Updated 05/23/2014: Chevrolet announced today details for the 2015 Camaro ZL1, with the only updates for the new year including the addition of a new Blue Velvet Metallic exterior paint.This is the final model year for the fifth-generation Camaro.