What kind of car is a Junior Dragster?

What kind of car is a Junior Dragster?

Junior Dragster. Junior Dragsters are half-scale versions of full sized Top Fuel drag racing vehicles with single cylinder, five-hp engines powering these long nosed racers. While smaller, these race cars can still do up to 85 mph on an 1/8 mile track (although mostly, younger racers are restricted from going this fast) but they are a great way…

When did junior drag racing start in NHRA?

In 1992, JR Race Car began manufacturing parts for the newly accepted NHRA Junior Drag Racing. JR Race Car initially offered components such as turn key Jr dragster chassis, engines, clutches and chassis components (manufactured in house from t…

How to keep your child safe in a Junior Dragster?

Keep your child safe in their Junior Dragster with safety components from helmets to restraints, driving suits, seat belts and more! Not sure which Jr. Dragster Engine is right for your child? Click “Learn More” to find out which engine is right for your chassis and racing style.

How tall is the driver of a dragster?

-Current setup is for a 6’3″, 280lb driver. -Complete roller OR customize for your Racer. -We have several Engine and Clutch packages ranging from a heavy 3-3/4 engine to a standard 3.540 engine with several clutch options. Give us a call to build your next car.

Where can I find a Jr dragster event?

Said Jr. Dragster dad Chad Moss, “For the dads, anything you learned about a ‘big car,’ throw it out of the window. It won’t apply to a Jr. Dragster.” Finding a Jr. Dragster event is easy. Log onto and click the Track Info link in the menu to find a track near you.

What kind of engine does Boss Jr Dragster have?

The nitro engine runs 7.4 (not installed) and the regular engine runs low 9.0… 2016 boss jr dragster 24 inch cage ran 7.30 with 130 pound driver, 3 and half engine has new 45mm carb and new slicks has Shock wave cluthes new…

What does swing arm Jr dragster chassis do?

Our new Swing Arm Jr. Dragster chassis has been incredibly successful and one of the most popular swing arm suspended Junior Dragster chassis available. Our swing arm design will improve bad launches on poorly prepped starting lines, help manage bumpy race tracks and improve driver control on the top end.