What is your Favourite personality?

What is your Favourite personality?

There are many people all around the world who are very famous and celebrities. But my favorite personality is my father. My father is my hero and an awesome father. He is kind, polite and really friendly to everyone.

Why is my father my favorite person?

My favourite person in the family is my dad. My dad takes care of me very much. He does not cares about him as much he cares about me. He always tries to make me happy and when my mood is upset or angry he majes me smile in few seconds only.

How do you write a personality essay?

If the essay is about you, interview your friends and family members about your personality. Write the outline for your essay. Your introduction should explain who you are writing about and why you chose to focus on that person. The introduction should also outline the main points of your essay.

What is great personality?

Honest / Loyal / Trustworthy – A person with great personality is honest and loyal not to others around, but also to himself. Some people are known to have great personality if they can be trusted or they are loyal.

What favorite person means?

“Favorite person,” or “FP” is a term used commonly in the borderline community. You love so much more than the average person, meaning it’s hard to even look at anyone else and find them attractive. You love your person with all your heart and would do absolutely anything to see them happy.

How do I describe my father?

“My dad was my hero. He taught me about giving, about helping old people and children, about always telling the truth, about humility.” “My dad will always have a special place in my heart because he always showed me love, even when I was not behaving well. He always respected my feelings.

What is Favourite person?

An “FP” (or Favorite Person) is a person who someone with mental illness relies on for support, and often looks up to or idolizes. Common with borderline personality disorder (BPD), it’s often that someone has a minimum of one FP, but a person can have many.

What is personality short essay?

Personality is complex organization of the entire system of habits, interests, attitudes, thoughts and the like in an individual. Cattell defines personality by taking into account its predictive characteristics. He writes, “Personality is that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation.

What is personality short note?

Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The study of personality focuses on two broad areas: One is understanding individual differences in particular personality characteristics, such as sociability or irritability.

Is there such thing as a favorite personality?

Every person has a favorite personality and as well as an idol person. A person whom you idealize because of various qualities prevalent in their personality is considered as your Favorite personality. Like this, I also have a favorite person and he is my idol too.

How to write an essay on your favorite personality?

Sample Essay On My Favorite Personality My Mother. My favorite personality my mother paragraph. My ideal personality my mother short essay. My favorite personality my mother essay in English. Everybody loves his/her mother so much so i.

What kind of speech does my favorite person have?

There is monotonus speech with slurring character. Pupils are BERL. EOM normal. Normal saccades and pursuits. Blink rate is 18/s. Rigidity is present in B/L UL & LL peripheral more than axial. Mild bradykinesia present in all 4 limbs. Postural tremors present along with… Premium Neuropsychology, Tremor, Antipsychotic 583 Words | 3 Pages

Who is my favorite person in the world?

We met each other three years ago at Orofino High School, in band class. This special person I am talking about is my boyfriend, Joe. Joe is 6’0″, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a round face with facial hair on his upper lip and his chin.