What is VSS error in Event Viewer?

What is VSS error in Event Viewer?

Windows events are logged by the system and can be used to troubleshoot problems during an image or file and folder backup. Microsoft Windows Shadow copy Service (VSS) will log Warning and Error events when a VSS failure occurs. These events are a valuable source for troubleshooting system problems. .

How do I fix Volume Shadow Copy Service error?

If this error appears during System Restore, setting Volume Shadow Copy to Automatic might fix it:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Type services.
  3. Press Enter to open the Services utility.
  4. Find the Volume Shadow Copy item from the list.
  5. Make sure Volume Shadow Copy is running: check the Status column corresponding to this item.

What is VSS snapshot?

VSS. Shadow Copy (also known as Volume Snapshot Service, Volume Shadow Copy Service or VSS) is a technology included in Microsoft Windows that can create backup copies or snapshots of computer files or volumes, even when they are in use. It is implemented as a Windows service called the Volume Shadow Copy service.

How do I find VSS errors?

To check the VSS provider/writer status.

  1. Open a command window.
  2. At the command prompt, type vssadmin list providers, and then press ENTER.
  3. Confirm that Microsoft VSS provider is listed as:
  4. Type vssadmin list writers at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.
  5. Confirm that all the VSS writers are showing:

How do I stop VSS service?

Go to the Windows start button and type “services” into the text search box; open the Services program. Locate “Volume Shadow Copy” from the list, highlight it, and then and the right-click > Properties. From the “Startup type” drop-down menu, select Disabled, and then click Apply and OK.

What is a Volume Shadow Copy Service error?

This error means that Microsoft VSS failed to take a snapshot of your file systems and that the backup job will be unable to backup any files that are opened exclusively by other applications. The most common cause of this error is that VSS has been disabled on one or more of the volumes that are part of the backup.

How do you fix shadow volume?

A Volume Shadow Copy Service Operation Failed To disable Windows firewall, go to Control Panel, then System and Security, then Windows Firewall. Click Turn Windows firewall on or off option and choose to Turn off Windows firewall (not recommended) from Private /Public network settings. Finally, click OK.

When does event ID 8193 appear in Event Viewer?

Every time a backup is created, Event ID 8193 appears in the Event Viewer as an Error. Every time a backup is created, Event ID 8193 appears in the Event Viewer as an Error. Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine OpenThreadToken. hr = 0x80070543, Cannot open an anonymous level security token.

What does event 8193 Volume Shadow Copy service error mean?

For error event 8193 usually indicates that an unexpected Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) error has occurred And according to your error message, it is related to that the .bak file is not working as expected.

How to fix VSS Error Event ID 8193?

[Solution] VSS Error Event ID 8193 1 Open the regedit.exe ; 2 Go to the HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\ProfileList; 3 Find and delete the registry key with the .bak suffix; 4 Restart your computer and try to run your backup task again. See More….

Why do we have reoccurring event 8193?

We have a reoccurring event 8193. From what I could gather on line this is regarding a backup issue with the SID. Non the less, would like to cover all my bases since have not found anything specific for this faulty module.