What is the smallest rotary clothesline?

What is the smallest rotary clothesline?

Not everyone has a lot of room in their backyard, especially for some of those big hills or folding rotary type clotheslines. The smallest folding rotary clothesline we do is made by Hills and that is the Hills Rotary 6. It has a head diameter across of only 3 meters, but it still gives you plenty of line space.

How are brabantia washing lines measured?

Simply measure on the diagonal, along the metal arms, start from one corner measure straight through the centre, along the arms of your clothesline, to the opposite corner. And there you have it the only measurement you will need. Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer Washing Line.

How wide is a brabantia washing line?

Features and Benefits. Spacious – With a diagonal width span of 271cm, this rotary airer is designed to hold your whole family’s load of washing.

What is the turning circle of a rotary washing line?

The turning circle of this rotary washing line is just 1.97m making it perfect for outdoor areas with limited space. If you need a small, simple to use rotary washing line this is the one for you.

What is the biggest brabantia washing line?

Brabantia 60 m Lift-O-Matic Rotary Washing Line (Grey) Multiple Height Adjustments, Folding Outdoor Rotating Clothes Dryer + 45 mm Ground Spike.

Are all rotary washing lines the same size?

Rotary washing lines come in different sizes and designs. Some can stand in the garden while others can be screwed into a wall.

How big is a Brabantia compact washing line?

This Brabantia Compact Rotary has a 3 arm rotary and 30 metre line space. Weather resistant, this rotary is easy to operate with an adjustable ‘Umbrella’ system. Washing lines can be tensioned in two positions, making it easy to replace separate lines on each circuit.

Is the Brabantia clothes line a weatherproof system?

All Brabantia rotary clotheslines are fully weatherproof, strong and sturdy, but also easy to move and open. The clothesline we use is super sturdy and easy to put up thanks to the rotary system’s clever ‘umbrella-system’.

How big is the Brabantia lift O Matic dryer?

Offering 196 feet of washing line, the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Dryer is designed for those who have multiple loads of laundry to air and dry. The rotary airer can easily accommodate large laundry items such as linens and duvets, and the dryer arms turn smoothly even when loaded with wet washing.

Are there any rotary clotheslines in Brabantia?

BRABANTIA ROTARY CLOTHESLINES. Ahhhhhh, the fragrance of washing being dried outdoors: we all love it! And if you think about how much electricity a rotary clothesline will save you, you will savour the fresh fragrance even more! Our smart and sturdy rotary clotheslines bring it all to life. View Brabantia’s range of rotary clotheslines.