What is the role of DOVVSU?

What is the role of DOVVSU?

DOVVSU is expected to, among its numerous functions: provide free services to members of the public; protect the rights of the vulnerable against all forms of abuse be it physical, sexual, emotional/psychological, socio-economic, or harmful cultural practices; establish an effective database for crime detection.

Who is the current head of DOVVSU?

Superintendent Owusuwaa Kyeremeh
The DOVVSU National Coordinator, Chief Superintendent Owusuwaa Kyeremeh indicated that 250 DOVVSU investigators are scheduled to be trained by the end of the year with support from UNFPA. She stressed that strict adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols will be observed throughout the three-week training.

How do I contact DOVVSU?

UNFPA and the entire UN system is calling on the general public of the Ghanaian community to not hesitate in reporting cases of domestic violence to DOVVSU at the hotline: 055-1000-900. Let us together protect women and girls who are locked down with their abusers.

Where is Dovvsu located?

DOVVSU assists victims of sexual abuse, physical assault, fraud and neglect….Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit.

Abbreviation DOVVSU
Headquarters Accra
Formerly called Women and Juvenile Unit (WAJU)

Where is Waju located?

WAJU is located in Accra, Ghana.

What are the causes and effects of violence?

Those who experience or witness violence may develop a variety of problems, including anxiety, depression, insecurity, anger, poor anger management, poor social skills, pathological lying, manipulative behaviour, impulsiveness, and lack of empathy.

What are the impacts of violence?

Consequences include increased incidences of depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and suicide; increased risk of cardiovascular disease; and premature mortality. The health consequences of violence vary with the age and sex of the victim as well as the form of violence.

What type of cases are handled at Dovvsu?

DOVVSU assists victims of sexual abuse, physical assault, fraud and neglect.

What is Waju Ghana?

Ghana: Domestic Violence Victim Support Unit (DOVVISU), formerly the Women and Juvenile Unit (WAJU), established by the Ghanaian police and whether it provides protection to women in Ghana (March 2006)

What’s the full meaning of Waju?

Rating. WAJU. Women And Juvenile Unit. Governmental » Law & Legal.

How does violence affect us?

Violence can lead to premature death or cause non-fatal injuries. People who survive violent crime endure physical pain and suffering3 and may also experience mental distress and reduced quality of life. Repeated exposure to crime and violence may be linked to an increase in negative health outcomes.

Why do you need to know about DOVVSU?

To educate the public in general about the fact that all acts of violence are crime, irrespective of the victim involved. To educate women, children and other vulnerable persons who form the majority of DOVVSU’s clientele of their rights, in order to reduce the fear in reporting cases of abuse.

What does DOVVSU do for domestic violence in Ghana?

Prosecute all these offences where necessary. The Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit [DOVVSU] of the Ghana Police Service is a one-stop centre of services for victims of abuse and others. To educate the public in general about the fact that all acts of violence are crime, irrespective of the victim involved.

When did DOVVSU change name to Victim Support Unit?

As a result, men who were victims of domestic violence felt reluctant to patronize the services of the Unit. In order to make the Unit open and accessible to all victims of domestic violence, its name was changed to DOVVSU in 2005.

Why do we need a domestic violence unit?

To create an environment where domestic violence and other forms of abuse would be freely reported and to collaborate with stakeholders to provide coordinated timely responses to victims. To prevent, protect, apprehend and prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence and child abuse.