What is the problem between De Bruyne and Courtois?

What is the problem between De Bruyne and Courtois?

The reason behind their mutual hatred is simple: Courtois stole Kevin’s girlfriend back in 2014 – she admitted herself to having a fling with Tibo, but insisted it happened only after KdB cheated on her. “In the summer of 2012, Kevin told me that he had an affair with my old best friend.

Who is Caroline lijnen?

Caroline Lijnen was Kevin De Bruyne’s first girlfriend. The couple’s relationship began in 2010 and lasted three years. However, the romance ended in a highly publicized scandal when Kevin discovered Caroline cheating on him with his Belgium national teammate and Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois.

How tall is Thibaut Courtois?

2 m
Thibaut Courtois/Height

Who cheated on De Bruyne Courtois?

But the controversy between them arrived when Kevin’s girlfriend cheated on him for Courtois. Courtois and Kevin were best friends before the incident happened. Kevin’s girlfriend, Caroline Linjen slept with Courtois and that was the time from which Kevin and Courtois were not seen as friends anymore.

Who is Kevin De Bruyne wife?

Michele Lacroixm. 2017
Kevin De Bruyne/Wife
Since 2014, De Bruyne has been in a relationship with Michèle Lacroix, who announced on 28 September 2015 that she was pregnant with the couple’s son. Mason Milian De Bruyne was born on 10 March 2016. Their second son, Rome De Bruyne, was born on 31 October 2018. De Bruyne and Lacroix married in June 2017.

When did Courtois leave Chelsea?

Thibaut Courtois

Personal information
2009–2011 Genk 41
2011–2018 Chelsea 126
2011–2014 → Atlético Madrid (loan) 111
2018– Real Madrid 102

When did Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne meet?

De Bruyne was said to have been ‘devastated’ after the incident, but the midfielder has seemingly patched up his differences with Courtois. The pair were on the same books at Chelsea at the time in 2012, although Courtois was out on loan at Atletico Madrid.

How did Kevin De Bruyne feel about the affair?

De Bruyne was said to be ‘devastated’ upon hearing the news. A source in the magazine said: ‘In the Madrid house she cheated on Kevin. He didn’t know anything, but when he discovered about it, he went crazy. It was a huge shock for him.’

Where is Kevin De Bruyne going on loan?

Both players are on loan this season. De Bruyne, 22, is set to leave Chelsea this summer after an impressing Werder Bremen. Courtois, 20, on loan at Atletico Madrid, is seen as the long-term successor to Petr Cech. On loan: Thibaut Courtois (above) is at Atletico Madrid, while Kevin De Bruyne (below) is with Werder Bremen

How did Kevin De Bruyne get the penalty?

Isco broke the deadlock for Los Blancos on the hour mark, but Gabriel Jesus headed the visitors level with 20 minutes remaining. And when Dani Carvajal brought down Raheem Sterling in the box after 83 minutes, the referee pointed to the spot and allowed De Bruyne to send Courtois the wrong way from 12 yards.