What is the name of the newspaper in Missoula Montana?

What is the name of the newspaper in Missoula Montana?

Missoulian: Missoula News and Resources for Western Montana.

What is new in Missoula Montana?

What’s New in Missoula

  • Lunch and Dinner at Second Set Bistro.
  • Restaurants in the Mercantile Hotel.
  • Vegan Treats at Veera Donuts.
  • South Side Dram Shop Location.
  • Breaking a Sweat at SobbaCycle.
  • Tacos and Mezcal at The Camino.
  • Crafts and Cocktails at CREATE art bar.

How do I cancel my subscription to missoulian?


What TV market is Missoula Montana?

Though Billings is the largest city in Montana, Missoula’s single-broadcast over-air television media market includes Missoula, Ravalli, Granite, Mineral, Lake, Flathead, and Sanders and serves over 113,000 television homes (2011).

What food is Missoula Montana known for?

9 Things You Need to Eat in Missoula

  • Flathead Cherries. Flathead Cherries are sweet cherries grown around Flathead Lake in Western Montana.
  • Dixon Melons/ Dixon, Montana.
  • Bison Fondue / Red Bird.
  • Huckleberry Kettle Corn From KornUtopia.
  • Wasabi Edamame/ Iron Horse.
  • Crab Empanadas.
  • Bison Burger/ James Bar.
  • Tia’s Tamales.

How much does the Missoulian cost?

It can be quite costly to run an obituary in the Missoulian but compared many of the other daily newspapers in the country their rates are very inexpensive. They currently charge $13.50 per column inch and $10 for a photo.

What channel is NBC in Missoula?

channel 13
NBC Montana is a regional network of three television stations in western Montana, all affiliated with NBC. The flagship station is KECI-TV in Missoula, broadcasting on virtual and VHF digital channel 13.

What channel is Fox in Missoula Montana?

KTMF, virtual and UHF digital channel 23, is a dual ABC/Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Missoula, Montana, United States.


How to keep the local news in Missoula Montana?

Consider giving $5 a month to keep the local in local news. Missoula likes it that way, and so do we. Contribute Now!

Are there any obituaries in Missoula Montana?

Get the most recent obituaries delivered to your inbox. Graduation ceremonies looked a bit more normal for the class of 2021, a welcome bookend for the students whose senior year was anything but typical. The Montana Department of Transportation reminds Missoula area travelers of roadwork this summer.

Who is the reporter for the Missoulian newspaper?

William H. Clarke, 77, was given a six-year deferred sentence for one felony charge of assault with a weapon. Zoë Buchli and Skylar Rispens have joined the Missoulian newsroom to cover law enforcement and education, respectively. When Tim Nielson talks about his paintings, the subject naturally moves back toward politics at various points.

What’s the status of housing in Missoula Montana?

In the wake of the 2021 housing report released this week by the Missoula Organization of Realtors, city and county officials described the findings as a difficult realty and said maintaining the status quo may no longer be acceptable.