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What is the name of the Football League in Argentina?

What is the name of the Football League in Argentina?

The Primera División (Spanish pronunciation: [pɾiˈmeɾa ðiβiˈsjon]; (English: “First Division”), named Liga Profesional de Fútbol (English: “Professional Football League”) since 2020, is a professional football league in Argentina, organised by the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

What kind of shirt does Argentina football team wear?

The shirt style became an emblem of the occasion and a collector’s item. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Argentina debuted a black away kit, a first in their history. The Argentine Football Association (“AFA”) logo has been always used as the team emblem.

What happens at the end of the Argentine Primera Division?

At the end of the season, the three teams with the worst three-year averages are relegated, while the winner and runner-up of Primera Nacional championship are promoted to Primera. The Primera División champion gains a place to play the Supercopa Argentina v. the winner of Copa Argentina .

When do Argentina play in the World Cup?

Argentina Fixtures All Competitions FIFA World Cup Qualifying – CONMEBOL Copa America International Friendly FIFA World Cup Men’s Olympic Tournament FIFA Confederations Cup hidden October, 2020

When did the Argentine Primera Division become professional?

The Primera División turned professional in 1931 when 18 clubs broke away from the amateur leagues to form a professional one. Since then, the season has been contested annually in four different formats and calendars.

How many teams are in Primera C Metropolitana?

Primera C Metropolitana is made up of 20 clubs mainly from the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area ( Greater Buenos Aires ). The other league at level four is the Torneo Federal B, where teams from regional leagues take part.

Who was the first team to be relegated in Argentine football?

The averaging system for relegations was implemented for the first time in the 1957 championship, with Ferro Carril Oeste becoming the first team to be relegated under that system. Averaging continued until 1963, when the championship returned to its old format (with the worst placed teams being relegated).