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What is the meaning of crusade in one word?

What is the meaning of crusade in one word?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 capitalized : any of the military expeditions undertaken by Christian powers in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to win the Holy Land from the Muslims. 2 : a remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm a crusade against drunk driving. crusade.

What is an example of a crusade?

An example of to crusade is to fight for equal rights for women. The definition of a crusade is an effort or movement against abuse, particularly the Crusades which were military expeditions by European Christians in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries to get back land the Holy Land from the Muslims.

How do you use the word crusade in a sentence?

He was a one-man crusade against injustice. Running a charity can’t become a personal crusade. He harnessed his new-found zeal to a crusade against vice. With the terrified rats fighting back, a crusade is launched.

What is the root word of crusade?

The word “crusade” comes from the Latin word “crux” which means “cross.” A crusade is a war fought under the sign of the cross.

What is another name for the Crusades?

What is another word for crusade?

holy war military campaign
jihad religious war
holy crusade

Is a Crusader a knight?

As nouns the difference between knight and crusader is that knight is a warrior, especially of the middle ages while crusader is person engaged in a crusade.

Who is a social crusader?

The term ‘social crusader’ usually refers to a person who makes social justice and equality their primary priority.

What is Saleebi?

Crusade translation is “Saleebi jung” and Crusade synonym words Agitate, Campaign, Cause, Drive and Effort. Similar words of Crusade are also commonly used in daily talk like as Crusader, Crusader and Crusaded. Crusade meaning in Urdu is صلیبی جنگ and Crusade word meaning in roman can write as Saleebi jung.

What word means marked with a cross?

cruciata. This is the latin word for crusade and means “marked with a cross.”

What did the term crusade literally mean?

Thus the word “crusade” literally means “going to the Cross.”. The Crusades were tremendous military expeditions undertaken by the Christian nations of Europe for the purpose of rescuing the holy places of Palestine from the hands of the Muslims.

How does the word crusade get its name?

The Crusades started in 1095 when Pope Claremont preached the First Crusade at the Council of Claremont . The Pope’s preaching led to thousands immediately affixing the cross to their garments – the name Crusade given to the Holy Wars came from old French word ‘crois’ meaning ‘cross’.

What is the origin of the word crusade?

The word “crusade” comes from the Latin word “crux” which means “cross.” A crusade is a war fought under the sign of the cross. Make no mistake about it, “crusade” is the Christian synonym for “jihad,” the Islamic concept of holy war.

What is sentence using the word Crusades?

His crusades would be the crusades of the spirit in search of the realities of truth.

  • The men of the thirteenth century were not fatigued by the Crusades of the twelfth.
  • No knight of the Crusades could have been more attentive to her slightest wish.
  • The Crusades put an end to the preponderance of the clerical element in the literature of Germany.