What is the HLB range of spans?

What is the HLB range of spans?

Span 80 has an HLB value of 4.3, which falls within the usual range of HLB 4–6 for water-in-oil (W/O) emulsifiers.

What is the HLB value of Span 60?

Commonly Used Emulsifiers And Their HLB Values

Commercial Name Chemical Name HLB Value
Span� 60 Sorbitan monostearate 4.7
Span� 65 Sorbitan tristearate 2.1
Span� 80 Sorbitan monooleate 4.3
Span� 85 Sorbitan trioleate 1.8

What are tweens and spans?

The nonionic surfactant sorbitan fatty acid esters (Spans) and the polyoxyethylene (POE) sorbitan fatty acid esters (Tweens) have many potential pharmaceutical applications. Surfactants stabilize emulsions by reduction of interfacial tension and formation of electrical or mechanical barriers.

What is HLB value of detergent?

The HLB (hydrophilic/lipophilic/balance) number of a detergent is an empirical measure of its relative hydrophobicity. Detergent HLB numbers vary systematically with the length of the ethylene oxide chain for a homologous series of detergents such as the Triton X series.

Why is it called Tween 20?

As the name implies the ethoxylation process leaves the molecule with 20 repeat units of polyethylene glycol; in practice these are distributed across 4 different chains, leading to a commercial product containing a range of chemical species.

Why is HLB value important?

As the HLB value increases, the emulsifiers become more soluble in water and their function changes from being W/O emulsifiers to being O/W emulsifiers. HLB values are useful for selecting the most appropriate type of emulsifiers for food application.

What can Abil em 180 be used for?

Application Application ABIL® EM 180 is a non-ionic W/O emulsifier which is based on silicone. The high emulsion stabilizing potential of ABIL®EM 180 is caused by the polymeric and polyfunctional structure. • ABIL® EM 180 is suitable for hot processed creams and lotions as well as for cold processed creams, lotions and gels.

What is Abil em 90 by Evonik good for?

ABIL® EM 90 by Evonik is a high performance, non-ionic W/O emulsifier with an excellent stabilization profile. It contains high content of organic and/or physical UV filters. It shows compatibility with active ingredients. This ingredient provides high heat and freeze stability.

What kind of emulsifier is Abil em 90?

ABIL® EM 90, from Evonik, is a silicone-based, non-ionic W/O emulsifier. ABIL® EM 90, from Evonik, has exceptional emulsion stabilising potential and compatibility with active ingredients due to its unique polymeric and polyfunctional structure.

What are the HLB values of emulsifiers?

Commonly Used Emulsifiers And Their HLB Values Commercial Name Chemical Name HLB Value Tween� 65 Polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate 10.5 Tween� 80 Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate 15.0 Tween� 81 Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate 10.0 Tween� 85 Polyoxyethylene sorbitan trioleate 11.0