What is the high school record for the 2 mile?

What is the high school record for the 2 mile?

3200 meters
For the two-mile run, they run 3200 meters….Boys.

Event Two miles
Record 8:29.46
Athlete Lukas Verzbicas
High School Name Carl Sandburg High School
High School Location Orland Hills, Illinois

What is the high school record for the mile?

Event Record Athlete
1600 meters 3:53.43 Alan Webb
1600 meters 3:59.51 Alan Webb
Mile run 3:53.43 Alan Webb
Mile run 3:58.3* Jim Ryun

What is the American record for the mile?

3 minutes 46.91 seconds
Alan Webb (born January 13, 1983, in Ann Arbor, Michigan) is an American former track and field athlete and former triathlete. He holds the American national record in the mile, with a time of 3 minutes 46.91 seconds.

Who has the high school high jump record?

Tara Davis, Agoura (Calif.) set the national high school indoor record in the long jump with a leap of 21 feet, 11 inches, and her reaction was priceless as seen in the video below from MileSplit.

What is the high jump record for high school?

In 1983, while competing for Refugio High School in Refugio , Texas, Lott set the National High school and World Junior Record in the high jump at 7′ 4¾” improving on the 4-year-old record by Lee Balkin .

What is the record for high school shot put?

Carter set the American national high school record of 81 feet 3½ inches in the 12 pound shot put, adding more than nine feet to the previous record.

What is the high school record for 5K?

As a senior in high school he set the Michigan high school 5k record of 14:10 at state finals; second place was 15:05. His final cross country race in high school was at the IAAF junior world cross-country championships in Ostend Belgium where he won a bronze medal.