What is the easiest math to take in college?

What is the easiest math to take in college?

From what I’ve heard from people in it, it is the easiest class at the school. Other than that, maybe the most basic algebra they have. College algebra is literally just high school algebra.

What should I major in if im good at math?

You could look into majors that are math heavy, but aren’t strictly math. Some examples are engineering, economics, finance, computer science, and physics. If you do want to focus on math, you could look into more of a pure math major/career, such as as a mathematician or statistician. Data science is a big field.

What major does not need math?

Medical and healthcare careersNursing: Most licensed practical or vocational nursing programs only require one or two basic math courses. Dental Hygiene: As a dental hygienist, you won’t be using that much math. Acupuncturist: You won’t need any more math credits to become an acupuncturist.

What job does not use math?

Career Options for Jobs that Don’t Require Math It’s possible to prepare for careers in such fields as entertainment, communications, art and design, healthcare, sanitation and protective services – none of which require training in mathematics or the regular use of math skills.

Do all degrees require math?

Online College Degrees Don’t Necessarily Require Math! For the majority, taking Math as part of their curriculum is something they wish to avoid. Mathematics is inevitable during the primary and secondary level, but in college, some degrees don’t require or have very little Math that you can choose.

What high paying jobs dont require math?

Here are 22 high-paying positions with a math-importance level of 31 or less:Library-science teacher, postsecondary.Dental hygienist. Technical writer. Philosophy and religion teacher, postsecondary. Transportation vehicle, equipment, and systems inspector. Power-plant operator. Diagnostic medical sonographer.

Should I be an engineer if I hate math?

You definitely don’t have to like math in order to be an engineer. Generally, engineering isn’t hardcore math. In engineering math is just a tool. Civil Engineering students have to take Calculus 1, 2, 3, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.

What jobs pay 90k a year?

19 Awesome Jobs That Pay $80K Or MoreWeb Developer. Average Wage: $81,670. Computer Systems Analyst. Average Wage: $82,320. Civil Engineer. Average Wage: $82,710. Veterinarian. Average Wage: $82,900. Mechanical Engineer. Average Wage: $83,550. Financial Analyst. Average Wage: $87,740. Management Analyst. Average Wage: $87,980. Software Developer. Average Wage: $92,080.