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What is the difference between ribs and spare ribs?

What is the difference between ribs and spare ribs?

Spare ribs are larger, meatier, and contain more bone and fat than baby back ribs. Many people also consider spare ribs to be the most flavorsome. Baby back ribs, on the other hand, are smaller, more curved, and the leanest and most tender of ribs.

Why are spare ribs so expensive?

The Meat. If spare ribs are so much larger, then why are baby back ribs so much more expensive? For spare ribs, the meat is located more between the bones instead of on top like it is for baby back. It tends to have more marbling than baby back racks do.

What does spare in spare ribs mean?

Updated 11/03/19. Peggy Trowbridge Filippone. Spareribs are pork, of course, and are cut from the bottom section of the ribs and breastbone of the pig, just above the belly. (Baby back ribs are from the top of the rib area along the back.) With the removal of the bacon, a thin layer of meat remains on the spareribs.

Why are baby back ribs expensive?

Depending on how they’re butchered, they may have around half an inch of loin meat attached to the top. Baby back ribs are more tender and leaner than spare ribs, and are typically more expensive. Spare ribs are cut from the ends of baby back ribs and run along to the pig’s breast bone.

Do spare ribs taste different than baby back ribs?

Compared to baby backs, spare ribs have more meat between the bones and less meat on top, and that meat generally has more marbling (and more flavor).

How do you cook spare ribs in the oven?

Spare ribs can be cooked two ways in the oven: roasting or broiling. Roasting requires that the ribs are placed without sauce into a roasting pan and cooked uncovered at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and a half to two and a half hours, or until the spare ribs are tender.

What is the best rub for spare ribs?

Mix together the brown sugar, paprika, salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Rub into pork ribs. For best results, allow ribs to marinate overnight. Grill ribs as desired.

How do you cut spare ribs before cooking?

Use your knife to cut the top fat along the top side of the ribs. As you are slicing, you can pull back the fat. This cut makes sure that all the tough tissues that connect the meat are removed. Leave some fat on the meat for flavor while cooking.

How do you prepare spare ribs?

Spare ribs, like any tough cut of meat, need slow cooking at low temperatures to become tender and juicy. Set them on a baking rack placed on a baking sheet and bake them at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. You can cook the ribs uncovered, or pour a bit of apple juice in the pan and cover the ribs with aluminum foil.