What is the CE-200 form?

What is the CE-200 form?

The Certificate of Attestation of Exemption (CE-200) is completed by entities with no employees and/or out-of-state entities obtaining a contract or license in which all the work is being performed outside of New York State. Using this online application, you can search for the CE-200.

How do I print a CE-200 form?

Click the “WCIDB Exemption” button on the Board’s main webpage and then click on “Request for WCIDB Exemption (Form CE-200).” You will be able to immediately print the certificate of attestation of exemption after completing the on-line application.

Do I need CE-200?

This certificate can only be used to attest to a government entity that an applicant requesting a permit, license, or contract is not required to carry workers’ compensation and/or disability and Paid Family Leave benefits coverage. Certificates are only valid for the specific license, permit or contract.

Who is exempt from workers compensation in NY?

The only situations in which an employer would not be required to provide coverage are: If the business is owned by one individual and there are no employees, leased employees, borrowed employees, part-time employees, unpaid volunteers, or subcontractors.

What is the maximum NYS disability benefit?

$170 a week
The benefit is 50% of your average weekly wage, up to a maximum of $170 a week. The average weekly wage is based on the wages for the eight weeks of work prior to the last day worked. Benefits are paid for up to 26 weeks of disability during 52 consecutive weeks. Benefits are subject to Social Security taxes.

Where can I get a NY State ce-200 exemption form?

New York State Workers Compensation CE-200 EXEMPTION FORM is available at www.wcb.ny.gov FOR AN ON-LINE APPLICATION: CE-200 (12/08)is an on-line application that allows an immediate print of the exemption form.  Click on On-Line Services– on the right side of the screen.

What to do on workers’comp ce-200 form?

However, Board staff may investigate applicants filing Form CE-200. Government agencies have the authority to verify that the business is eligible for the workers’ compensation and/or disability benefits exemption reason described on the CE-200 and notify the Board’s investigative staff if there are discrepancies.

How long does it take to get a ce-200 form?

Applicants using the manual process may wait up to four weeks before receiving a CE-200. Once the applicant receives the CE-200, the applicant can then submit that CE-200 to the government agency from which he/she is getting the permit, license or contract.

Where can I find the ce-200 certificate number?

Each CE-200 will have a certificate number printed on it. Form CE-200s may be verified on the Board’s website at www.wcb.ny.gov. The applicant attests under penalty of perjury that the information contained in the CE-200 is accurate – the Board does not initially verify this information.