What is the birthplace of Godavari river?

What is the birthplace of Godavari river?

The Godavari originates in the Western Ghats of central India near Nashik in Maharashtra, 80 km (50 mi) from the Arabian Sea.

What is the old name of Godavari river?

The river is also known as Dakshin Ganga and Gautami. The Manjra and Indravati rivers are its major tributaries.

Which is the longest river originating in Maharashtra?

The river Godavari is the largest of the peninsular rivers of India. Maharashtra is home for its early flows and Godavari for Maharashtra is no less than Ganga….Godavari Basin in Maharashtra: A Profile.

Length of River & its major tributaries (Source: Krishna Basin Profile by CWC) S.No 1
Name of River Godavari
Length (km) 1465
Catchment Area (sq km) 312812

What had come from Godavari and why?

The Godavari originates near Triambak in the Nasik district of Maharashtra, and flows through the states of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Although its point of origin is just 80 kms away from the Arabian Sea, it journeys 1,465 kms to fall into the Bay of Bengal.

Which state has highest river in India?

The Ganges (2525 km) is the longest river in India and also the largest river in India followed by Godavari (1465 km). The states that are covered by this water body are Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal.

Which is oldest river in India?

the Narmada river
The 70-year-old former Chief Minister and his wife Amrita started the “parikrama” (circumambulation ) of the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh as a “religious and spiritual” exercise. Singh said the Narmada is the “oldest” river in India and advocated its revival.

What is the history of the river Godavari?

Auspicious River Godavari is a historic and prosperous legacy of Hindu culture ! Sanatan Dharma – sanskruti developed on the banks of this auspicious River. Here, great Sages with knowledge of ‘Yadnyas’ and Sriramchandra spent 12 years of exile with Seeta. History of Godavari is a history of convergence of North Indian and South Indian culture.

Which is the second largest city on the Godavari River?

It houses a popular place of worship for Goddess Saraswati. It is also the second oldest temple for the deity in India. The biggest city on the riverbanks of the Godavari is Rajahmundry. In this place, the river has the maximum breadth (about 5 km from Rajahmundry to the other bank at Kovvur.

Where is the road bridge over the Godavari River?

Road Bridge over Godavari River at Bhadrachalam Godavari enters into Telangana in Nizamabad district at Kandakurthy where Manjira, Haridra rivers joins Godavari and forms Triveni Sangamam. The river flows along the border between Nirmal and Mancherial districts in the north and Nizamabad, Jagityal, Peddapalli districts to its south.

Which is the tributary of Godavari River in Parbhani district?

Beed and Parbhani: Located along here is its merger with Sindphana, an important tributary which drains a considerably large area within Beed. The sub-tributary river Bindusara forms a landmark at Beed. The river beyond, near the village Sonpeth, flows into Parbhani. In Parbhani District, River Godavari flows through Gangakhed taluka.