What is the best defensive Pokemon?

What is the best defensive Pokemon?

13 Pokemon With The Highest Defense

  • 8 Bastiodon.
  • 7 Aggron.
  • 6 Cloyster.
  • 5 Avalugg.
  • 4 Regirock.
  • 3 Steelix.
  • 2 Stakataka.
  • 1 Shuckle.

Who is the best wall Pokemon?

Pokemon: 10 Best Walls In Competitive Play

  • 8 Celesteela.
  • 7 Ferrothorn.
  • 6 Mega Scizor.
  • 5 Mega Metagross.
  • 4 Mega Sableye.
  • 3 Toxapex.
  • 2 Blissey.
  • 1 Aegislash. A Ghost/Steel-type, Aegislash is a unique and powerful Pokemon with two distinct forms, one which totes high offensive stats and one which boasts high defensive stats.

What is the strongest OU Pokemon?

It is to no one’s (or maybe someone’s) surprise that Landorus-T is the most used (and most powerful/useful) in OU, and is rightfully S-Tier, the highest a Pokémon can be rating in any of Smogon’s Metagames.

What Pokemon is the best tank?

The 10 Best Pokemon To Use As Tanks

  • 8 Corviknight.
  • 7 Metagross.
  • 6 Blissey.
  • 5 Miltank.
  • 4 Toxapex.
  • 3 Snorlax.
  • 2 Steelix.
  • 1 Skarmory.

Who is the most Tanky Pokemon?

The 10 Best Pokemon To Use As Tanks

  1. 1 Skarmory. Skarmory has historically been one of the most useful and threatening tanks available.
  2. 2 Steelix.
  3. 3 Snorlax.
  4. 4 Toxapex.
  5. 5 Miltank.
  6. 6 Blissey.
  7. 7 Metagross.
  8. 8 Corviknight.

What tier is gyarados?


Type Water Dark Immune to: Psychic Resists: Dark Fire Ghost Ice Steel Water Weak to: Bug Electric Fairy Fighting Grass
Abilities Mold Breaker This Pokemon’s moves and their effects ignore the Abilities of other Pokemon.
Tier OU

What is the best tank in Pokemon?

Blissey is known for its heavy defense. To defeat her, you need to bring your strongest Pokemon with the highest CP. Furthermore, Blissey has an incredible amount of stamina (HP) which makes it probably one of the best tank Pokemon in a gym. She’s also said to be two times stronger than Snorlax .

What Pokemon are good tanks?

Chansey. Chansey is one of the original tanks from Pokemon Red and Blue.

  • it is more appropriate to call innocent-looking Shuckle an unbreakable wall.
  • Corviknight.
  • Metagross.
  • Blissey.
  • Miltank.
  • Toxapex.
  • Snorlax.
  • Steelix.
  • Skarmory.
  • What is the most Tanky Pokemon?

    Chansey deals basically 0 damage with a combined Attack and Sp.

  • Snorlax. A very nice stat distribution make Snorlax arguably the best tank in the game.
  • Lapras being the tankiest of the bunch.
  • Vaporeon.
  • Blastoise.
  • Cloyster.
  • Golem.
  • Omastar.
  • Venusaur.
  • Weezing.
  • What Pokemon has the highest defense?

    This stat is one of the factors that control your Pokemon’s resistance to physical attacks. The Pokemon with the highest Defense is Shuckle, Base 230.