What is the average cost per square foot to finish a basement in Colorado?

What is the average cost per square foot to finish a basement in Colorado?

You are looking at an average range of $20 to $50 per square foot for basement finishing in Denver. However, it’s not impossible to go well above the average cost and approach nearly $100 per square foot.

What is the cost of finishing a basement?

The cost to finish a basement ranges from $2,800 to as much as $33,985 for a 400- to 1,500-square-foot basement. The average basement project costs around $18,400.

How much does it cost to build a basement in Colorado?

The average cost of basement finishing in Parker CO, Castle Rock, Aurora, Highlands Ranch and throughout the metro Denver area is about $50.00 per square foot. This estimate is reflective of a legitimate builder. A basement remodeler that uses licensed and insured tradesmen will have higher costs of doing business.

How much does a 1200 square foot basement cost?

A typical 1,200-square-foot house foundation costs $6,900 to $16,200 for a concrete slab, or about $40,000 for a full basement (unfinished).

What can I cover my basement walls with?

Fortunately, you can cover basement foundation walls quickly and inexpensively. Attach wood furring strips, Z-shape channels, or 2×4 studs to flat, dry masonry walls, then add insulation and cover the strips or studs with drywall.

Who is the best Basement Finishing Company in Denver?

Denver Colorado’s Best Basement Finishing Company! For more than 10 years, ElkStone, Inc. has been giving homes a beautiful makeover with our quality Denver basement renovation contractors, serving Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, and the entire Denver metro area.

How to get a basement finish permit in Denver?

For same day service, sign in online or at the kiosk once for two Quick Permits at a time. For #1R permit, sign in online or at the kiosk and select Single-Family Home & Duplex Walk-Through Review. Zoning and Building permit fees are based on valuation of the work to be completed including the labor and materials.

Where can I get a basement Finish Guide?

For additional guidance, see the Single Family Residential Basement Finish Building Guide (PDF) from the Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council. NOTE: If your attic conversion will add a dwelling unit or change the use or occupancy of the structure, see the project guide for a adding a new dwelling unit.

Who is the best contractor for basement remodeling?

However, as a remodeling contractor we have grown to specialize in basements, additions, kitchens, master suites, crawlspace excavation projects and whole house remodels. We have designed and finished over 1,200 projects from Castle Rock to Longmont.