What is the age of Suman Dey ABP Ananda?

What is the age of Suman Dey ABP Ananda?

Suman Dey
Born 1 June 1986 (age 35) Siliguri, West Bengal, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India
Alma mater Christ College

Who is the owner of ABP Ananda?

ABP Group
ABP Ananda is a free to air Bengali news channel based in Kolkata, West Bengal owned by ABP Group.

Who is the vice president of ABP Ananda?

Aveek Sarkar (Bengali: অভীক সরকার) is an Indian newspaper promoter and proprietor. He is the present Chairman of Press Trust of India and Vice Chairman and Editor Emeritus of ABP Group. Previously he was editor-in-chief of Anandabazar Patrika and The Telegraph.

How do I contact Suman ABP Ananda?

Address & Contact

  1. Name: Suman Dey_Star of ABP Ananda.
  2. Street: 13, Jamir Lane 3rd floor – Gariahat Mall, Kolkata – 700019.
  3. City: Calcutta.
  4. Phone: Tel: +91 33 44010300 Fax: +91 33 44010228.
  5. Category: News personality.

What is the full form of ABP Ananda?

ABP: Ananda Bazaar Patrika News ABP News stands for Ananda Bazaar Patrika News. It is a Hindi news channel in India from ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd. Its head office is located at Noida in India. The channel was formerly known as Star News which was launched in 1998.

What is the salary of ABP news reporter?

ABP Network Salaries

Designation Avg. Salary
News Reporter – (Estimated Salaries) 1.9L – 2.4L
Deputy Product Manager – (Estimated Salaries) 7.4L – 9.4L
Assistant Graphic Designer – (Estimated Salaries) 3.7L – 4.7L
Video Journalist – (Estimated Salaries) 3.9L – 4.9L

What is full form of Zee?

Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE) is an Indian media and entertainment company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Who is owner of News18 India?

News18 India/Owned by

News18 India is an Indian Media television channel owned by Network 18. It was launched in 2005 as Channel 7 by Dainik Jagaran and acquired in 2006 by Network 18 and rebranded IBN7.