What is plantar plate repair?

What is plantar plate repair?

Plantar plate repair surgery is a procedure typically used to correct a cross-over or severe hammertoe deformity of the 2nd toe. To repair the plantar plate, your podiatric surgeon will typically first perform an osteotomy procedure of the 2nd metatarsal bone.

What is the ICD 10 code for plantar plate tear?

There is no specific CPT or ICD-10 code for a plantar plate tear. patient four years previously had fractured the same ankle, and com- fortably tie that to the reason the pa- tient is in your office (osteoarthritic changes to the left ankle, post-trau- matic), you have the second diagno- sis—the old injury.

What is CPT code for Weil osteotomy?

CPT coding for a weil osteotomy plus plantar plate repair? For a weil osteotomy: 28308: Osteotomy, with or without lengthening, shortening or angular correction, metatarsal; other than first metatarsal, each.

What is the plantar plate?

Your plantar plate is a thick ligament that runs along the ball of your foot, connecting to the joints. The plantar plate is designed to protect the head of the metatarsal (the long bones of the foot) from excess pressure, preventing our toes from spreading too far apart, and prevent the overextension of our toes.

Do you need surgery for plantar plate tear?

Plantar plate tears can be repaired with surgery. Both acute and chronic injuries can be fixed. The method of repair mainly depends on extent of injury to plantar plate ligament, cause of tear, time from injury, the presence of a toe contracture (hammer toe), and overall biomechanical foot structure.

How long does a plantar plate take to heal?

By 4-6 weeks you can begin wearing wide or open shoes and should be comfortable walking around your house. By 3 months you should be back to most activities and wearing your normal shoes. Swelling can take up to 6 months to resolve.

What causes plantar plate tear?

The most common cause of a plantar plate injury is an overload of pressure on the metatarsophalangeal (MPJ) joint. This leads to strain which eventually causes attenuation and a tear in the plantar plate area. It is this tear which leads to the pain and instability which characterises the injury.

What CPT code replaced 28293?

The CPT codes 28290, 28293 and 28294 have been deleted. These no longer exist. Never use them again. Code CPT 28296 was modified to: Bunionectomy with distal metatarsal osteotomy.

Can a plantar plate tear heal without surgery?

Tears in the plantar plate can heal on their own, if small. Studies using MRI imaging have demonstrated plantar plate healing (8) Healing can take months and up to a year.

Can a plantar plate tear be repaired?

Can a torn plantar plate heal?

Will the tear heal on its own? The tear often occurs in degenerate tissue and is unlikely to heal. The pain may subside over 6 months. If a deformity of the toe has developed this will not correct.

Which is ICD-10 coding for plantar plate repair?

If the procedure you perform was designed to repair the position and instability of the toe with repair of the metatar- sal-phalangeal joint capsule/ligament (one would presume that is why you are there), then CPT 28313 (recon- struction, angular deformity of toe, soft tissue procedures only) is appro- priate. ICD-10 coding isn’t quite as easy.

How is the plantar plate repaired with CPR?

Plantar Plate Repair. Using the CPR™ system, surgeons now have the option to repair the plantar plate from a dorsal approach. Following a Weil osteotomy to recess the capital fragment up to 1 cm under the metatarsal, the plantar plate is accessed using a small joint distractor clamp over K-wires.

Is there CPT code for ligament repair in the toe?

The plantar plate is a ligament and there is no CPT code for ligament repair in the toe. I too am struggling with Plantar Plate repair. If I use 28899, does anyone know of a code that is comparable so that I can base the fee on that?

What is the best diag-nosis code to use for a plantar plate tear?

“What would be the best diag- nosis code to use for a plantar plate tear? And what would be the CPT code for a primary repair of a plantar plate tear?” There is no specific CPT or ICD- 10 code for a plantar plate tear.