What is NFL flex scheduling?

What is NFL flex scheduling?

The schedule does not list Saturday games or a Sunday night game in Week 18, but games with playoff implications will be moved to those time slots. Flexible scheduling ensures quality matchups in all Sunday time slots in those weeks and give “surprise” teams a chance to play their way into primetime.

When can SNF Flex Games?

2021 Flexible Scheduling Procedures “Flexible scheduling” will be used in Weeks 11-18. Additionally, in Weeks 5-10, flexible scheduling may be used in no more than two weeks. In Weeks 5-17, the schedule lists the games tentatively set for Sunday Night Football on NBC.

Does week 17 have SNF?

Thanks to the division race coming down to the final week, the NFL has chosen one of the two division battles to move to Sunday Night Football. Each year, the Week 17 SNF game is left open so the league can move the most compelling matchup into primetime.

What does it mean to flex games?

New Word Suggestion. to play multiple roles in a computer game.

Can Week 17 be flexed?

The Week 17 game has been flexed from 1 p.m. to an 8:20 p.m. kickoff on “Sunday Night Football,” the NFL announced. If Washington wins, it will capture the division title at 7-9 and become the third team to win a division with a record worse than . 500.

What NFL game will be flexed in Week 17?

The Washington Football Team’s Week 17 game against the Philadelphia Eagles has been flexed to 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, the NFL announced today. Washington (6-9) lost its second straight game to the Carolina Panthers, but the team is still in control of the NFC East.

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Can MNF be flexed?

The most surprising part of the new deal is Amazon landing exclusive rights for Thursday Night Football, but there is one detail that should really have fans excited. Under the new deal, Monday Night Football games have the ability to be flexed from Week 12 and beyond.

When did Sunday Night Football start flex scheduling?

Since it started in its current format as the NFL’s main primetime package in 2006, the defining feature of NBC’s Sunday Night Football has been the use of flexible scheduling to ensure the best matchups and showcase the best teams as the season goes along.

How does the flex schedule work in the NFL?

The New England Patriots and New York Jets, who were scheduled to play in prime time, were moved to an afternoon time slot so the pivotal AFC West showdown could be seen by a national television audience. That’s great, but how does flexing work? Every offseason, the NFL schedules Sunday Night Football showdowns for each week of the upcoming season.

When do CBS and Fox submit their flex schedules?

CBS and Fox may also each protect games in five out of six weeks of the main flex period, but all of those protections must be submitted after week 5, week 4 in years where the main flex period begins week 10 (so it is always six weeks before the start of the main flex period).

Where can I watch the SNF games online?

NBC will stream every SNF game live online for the 2019 NFL season on and the NBC Sports App. Here you’ll find the full SNF schedule including the teams, matchups, start times, channel, live streams and more. Check back every Sunday to see who’s playing tonight and be sure to follow @SNFonNBC on social.