What is Lucifer famous line?

What is Lucifer famous line?

“We can’t control what happens to us only how it affects us and the choices we make.” “You have to stop taking responsibility for things that you can’t control.” “Sometimes we get along best with the people we’re most different from.” “Doing what’s best for your child, it doesn’t always make them happy.”

What is Lucifer’s motto?

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.” “Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep…”

What was Lucifer’s Angel?

In the Bogomil and Cathar text Gospel of the secret supper, Lucifer is a glorified angel but fell from heaven to establish his own kingdom and became the Demiurge. Therefore, he created the material world and trapped souls from heaven inside matter. Jesus descended to earth to free the captured souls.

What does Lucifer Morningstar say?

“The best thing to do is always to follow your greatest desire.” “Life’s too short to hold grudges.” “Sometimes betrayal comes from the ones that we expect the least.” “Everyone thinks they know what He wants.

Why is Lucifer’s club called Lux?

Aptly named Lux, a word which translates into ‘light’ and pays tribute to Lucifer’s role as the ‘light-bringer’, the club is anything but light-filled, and rather serves as a den of sin of sorts, its debauchery a symbol of the fallen angel’s lifestyle.

What is Lucifer’s club name?

Lux is a nightclub in Los Angeles owned by Lucifer Morningstar, the former ruler of Hell. Lucifer runs the establishment with the help of his trusted friend and demon, Mazikeen.

Who is Mazikeen to the Devil?

Mazikeen of the Lilim, also known by her nickname Maze, is a central character in Lucifer. She is a demon from Hell who holds the form of a young woman.

What are some good quotes from the book Lucifer?

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.” “Never can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have pierced so deep…” “ Yahweh: You’ve been unhappy because you’ve desired things that cannot be. Lucifer: That’s what desire IS. The need for what we can’t have. The need for what’s readily available is called greed.”

What does the Bible say about Lucifer in the Bible?

Browse Bible verses about Lucifer, evil, and how to combat them in spiritual warfare with this collection of scripture quotes. 8 Be alert and of sober mind.

What did Lucifer say about Pride taking him from heaven?

Pride took him from heaven, though he sat at God’s right hand.’ Her voice grew faint, the hint of a whisper. ‘In the end pride is the only evil, the root of all sins.’ ‘Pride is all I have.” my soul do thy lord? Mephistopheles: Enlarge his kingdom. Faustus: Is that the reason he tempts us thus?

What did Lucifer say about being a walking paradox?

5 “Well, I’m a walking paradox, what can I say?” It sounds like a cool quote he made here, but Lucifer was actually in real sadness when he proclaimed himself as something that can’t be explained. In a session with his therapist, he continued telling the truth, only for his doctor to once again take his truth as metaphors.