What is ItemsSource in WPF?

What is ItemsSource in WPF?

ItemsSource can be data bound to any sequence that implements the IEnumerable interface, although the type of collection used does determine the way in which the control is updated when items are added to or removed. When ItemsSource is set, the Items property cannot be used to control the displayed values.

What is the use of DataContext in WPF?

WPF will search up the element tree until it encounters a DataContext object if a Source or RelativeSource is not used. Once it finds a non- null DataContext , that object is used for binding. It is useful for binding several properties to the same object.

What is a data Context WPF?

The XAML in WPF is just a pretty user interface to display and interact with the actual data, otherwise known as the DataContext . The purpose of other binding sources ( RelativeSource , ElementName , etc) is to point to another property that doesn’t exist in the current control’s DataContext.

What is the difference between DataContext and ItemsSource?

DataContext is a dependency property is exposed by FrameworkElement base class,where as ItemsSource is defined by the ItemsControl class. All the descendants of FrameworkElement can utilize the DataContext property and set an object to its value.

What is DataContext in MVC?

The DataContext is the source of all entities mapped over a database connection. It tracks changes that you made to all retrieved entities and maintains an “identity cache” that guarantees that entities retrieved more than one time are represented by using the same object instance.

What are dependency properties in WPF?

WPF has provided some extended services to the CLR property that we can collectively call Dependency Properties. A Dependency Property is a property whose value depends on the external sources, such as animation, data binding, styles, or visual tree inheritance.

What’s the difference between DataContext and itemssource?

These two properties don’t serve the same purpose. DataContext expects an object type where ItemsSource expects IEnumerable type objects. DataContext is a dependency property is exposed by FrameworkElement base class,where as ItemsSource is defined by the ItemsControl class.

What does the itemtemplate property do in itemscontrol?

An ItemsControl has ItemsSource property of type IEnumerable. It also has the ItemTemplate property. What it will do is create one copy of it’s ItemTemplate for every item in ItemsSource. The DataContext of the ItemTemplate will be each item in the ItemsSource.

When does DataContext refer to the same property?

DataContext refers to the same property of the items. It does not get extended and its not dynamic. DataContext applies to children’s properties which are currently inside the parent. But ItemsSource is dynamic.

Which is property does selectedvalue, selecteditem bind to?

For SelectedValue, SelectedItem, if we have binding , then it will bind to the property of the datacontext of the combobox (not the property of each item in the itemssource of the combobox).