What is HPV Awareness Day?

What is HPV Awareness Day?

March 4th is International HPV Awareness Day (IHAD). It is designed to grab attention and encourage people to get informed about HPV and take action to manage the risk of HPV-related cancer.

How long does it take for the HPV virus to turn into cancer?

If you don’t treat an HPV infection, it can cause cells inside your cervix to turn into cancer. It can often take between 10 and 30 years from the time you’re infected until a tumor forms.

What is HPV prevention?

Protect Against HPV HPV vaccines can prevent most cases of cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal cancers. Use condoms. Consistent condom use can protect women from HPV infection. Avoid direct contact. The surest way to prevent genital HPV infection is to refrain from any genital contact with another person.

Is HPV long term effects?

When the body’s immune system can’t get rid of an HPV infection with oncogenic HPV types, it can linger over time and turn normal cells into abnormal cells and then cancer. About 10% of women with HPV infection on their cervix will develop long-lasting HPV infections that put them at risk for cervical cancer.

What do I need to know about HPV?

10 Things You Should Know About Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

  • HPV Is More Common Than You May Think.
  • You Don’t Need to Have Intercourse to Get HPV.
  • Not All Types of HPV Cause Cancer.
  • There Is a Vaccine, but No Cure for HPV.
  • Most People With HPV Do Not Have Symptoms.
  • The HPV Vaccine Does Not Protect Against All Strains.

Can I date a girl with HPV?

More than 40% of women said being told they had HPV would impact their dating and sex lives, with younger women being the most concerned. Just 22% said they would date someone with HPV, and more than half would consider ending a relationship with a partner if they knew they had it.