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What is Ford EcoLPI?

What is Ford EcoLPI?

The EcoLPI Falcon offers power, torque and engine performance coupled with the space, comfort and towing capability of a family sedan. Best of all, it brings down fuel costs and emissions levels to those normally only seen in a much smaller car.

When did they stop making Ford Falcons?

Ford Falcon (North America)

Ford Falcon
Production 1959–1970
Body and chassis
Class Compact
Layout FR layout

What kind of engine does Ford Falcon EcoLPi have?

A repair kit is supplied. The EcoLPi six-cylinder engine generates 198kW and 409Nm at 3250 rpm, marginally higher (by 3kW and 18Nm) than the same engine when operating on 95RON unleaded petrol. EcoLPi’s power peaks at 5000 rpm, 1000 revs lower than the petrol, and so can run out of steam a bit early.

Are there running lights on the Ford EcoLPi XR6?

The EcoLPi XR6 gets daytime running lights where the standard Falcon doesn’t. The first thing that you’ll notice when you get into the EcoLPi Falcon is a delay of a second or so between pressing the start button and the engine firing up.

What’s the name of the new Ford Falcon?

The EcoLPi is now available in the entry level Falcon and XR6 models with both sedan, cab-chassis and Styleside ute bodies. Our test was in the XR6 sedan. The most obvious exterior change is the new global Ford signature trapezoidal grille, which to my eyes doesn’t work anywhere near as well in the big Falcon as it does in the smaller Fords.

Is the Ford Falcon EcoLPi safe to drive?

The EcoLPi shares a five-star ANCAP safety rating with the whole FG X Falcon range. Official ADR 81/02 testing with EcoLPi on the combined urban/highway cycle produced figures of 12.6L/100km on the EcoLPi XR6. On a 400km round trip to the NSW South Coast we averaged an acceptable 13.6L/100 km.