What is Ekiti zip code?

What is Ekiti zip code?

By postal code

LGA District / Area Postal code
Ekiti South West Isinbode-Ekiti 370105
Ekiti South West Omuo Ekiti (Rural) 370104
Ekiti West Igbemo 362107
Ekiti West Igede 362105

What is ISE zipcode?

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Location Type Postcode
Aba Osi Rural 361103
Aba Paanu Rural 361103
Aba Pojo Camp Rural 361103
Aborowa Akande Camp Rural 361103

How do I know my postal code in Nigeria?

How to know your postal code

  1. Visit homepage.
  2. Click on the state you’re located in.
  3. Select your local government.
  4. Search for your town.

What is the five digit zip code of Nigeria?

The code for Nigeria is 00176-0000. Now, how do you fill forms requesting for ZIP code? If you’re filling a form online, and you’re required to key in your ZIP code, simply put 110001 or 23401.

Which local government is Ikole Ekiti?

Ikole is a Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Ikole….Ikole.

Ikole Egbeoba
State Ekiti State
• Local Government Chairman and the Head of the Local Government Council Olominu Sola Ebenezer

What is the code for Lagos State?

Lagos Zip Code / Postal Code

Area Post Code and Street
Abule Oja Postcode => 100213
Abule Okuta Postcode => 100223
Adeniji Adele Postcode => 101227
Adeniran Ogunsanya Postcode => 101211

Who is the richest man in Ekiti state?

Afe Babalola (Net Worth $680 Million) With an estimated net worth of $680 million, Afe Babalola is the richest man in Ekiti state and one of Nigeria’s richest attorneys.

Who is the richest king in Ekiti state?

Afe Babalola still remains the richest man in Ekiti state and one of Nigeria’s richest lawyers with a net worth estimated at $680 million this 2021.