What is contactless electronic ignition system?

What is contactless electronic ignition system?

An electric igniter for engine/hybrid vehicles is presented. Since the electric igniter adopts a capacitor to accumulate energy for engine ignition instead of traditional contacttype approach, it enhances the igniting performance of a spark plug effectively.

What is electronic ignition systems?

Electronic ignition system is the type of ignition system that uses electronic circuit, usually by transistors controlled by sensors to generate electronic pulses which in turn generate. Better spark that can even burn the lean mixture and provide better economy & lower emission.

What is the difference between contact point and electronic ignition system?

The basic difference between the contact point and the electronic ignition system is in the primary circuit. The primary circuit in a contact point ignition system is open and closed by contact points. In the electronic system, the primary circuit is open and closed by the electronic control unit (ECU).

How does electronic ignition system work?

An electronic ignition system is a type of ignition system that works electronic circuits, usually by transistors. The transistors are controlled by sensors to generate electric pulses which then generate a high voltage spark that can burn the lean mixture and provide a better economy and lower emission.

What are the types of electronic ignition system?

Two Types Of Electronic Ignition Systems and Differents

  • Transistor ignition system. As the name implies, transistorized ignition system is an ignition system that uses transistors to change the breaker point.
  • Distributorless ignition system.

What is the function of electronic ignition?

The function of an electronic ignition system is remaining the same as it produces a high voltage spark to the spark plug so that the fuel-air mixture can be burn or ignite. Because sensors are used in the system, it improves reliability and mileage and decreases emission.

What are the advantages of electronic ignition?

These are some advantages of Electronic Ignition System: It has fewer moving parts. Low maintenance required. Less emission generates. Efficiency is good.

How does a contactless electronic ignition system work?

The contactless electronic ignition system uses an optical trigger to energize the coil. A slotted disc fitted, revolves between an infra-red light emitting diode and a photo-transistor.

What are the disadvantages of a convention contact breaker ignition system?

The disadvantages of the convention contact breaker assisted ignition system can be completely eliminated by the use of an electronic controlled ignition system using contactless triggers to give timing system. The basic difference between contact point’ and electronic ignition systems is in the primary circuit.

What are the features of an ignition system?

-Contactless operation. -High energy ignition coil electronically matched to power module. -Microcircuit control of the coil current giving optimum performance across speed and voltage range, ensuring constant maximum spark energy at the coil. -Variable dwell angle, optimising energy use to prevent low speed coil over heat..

What are the symptoms of a defective ignition module?

Low or no voltage to the primary (positive) side of the coil 3. High resistance or open coil wire, or spark plug wire 4. Negative side of the coil not being pulsed by the ignition module 5. Defective pickup coil 6. Defective module 4 Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting Procedure