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What is a timbale made of?

What is a timbale made of?

The modern timbal includes two drums, the smaller “macho” drum, usually between 13”-15” and the larger hembra, which is between 14”-16.” The shells of these drums are typically made from different metals ranging from bronze, brass, and steel and use 6-8 tension rods to secure a plastic head in place.

What does timbale mean in English?

1a : a creamy mixture (as of meat or vegetables) baked in a mold also : the mold in which it is baked. b : a small pastry shell filled with a cooked timbale mixture. 2 or less commonly timbal \ ˈtim-​bəl \ : one of a set of single-headed cylindrical drums played with sticks —usually used in plural.

Is a timbale a Membranophone?

Membranophone: an instrument that produces its sound by the vibration of a stretched skin. The name of the instrument stems from the French word “timbale,” meaning kettledrum. The word kettledrum itself dates back to the 16th century.

What is used to play timbales?

The shells are referred to as cáscara (the Spanish word for shell), which is also the name of a rhythmic pattern common in salsa music that is played on the shells of the timbales….Timbales.

Percussion instrument
Developed c. 1900 in Cuba
Related instruments
Timpani, bongo drum

What are timbales played with?

The timbales are played by striking the shells of the drums, the wood block, and cowbell, as wells the drum heads and rims. The rhythms played on these instruments include patterns like cáscara and the mambo bell. Both of these patterns fit specifically with clave, so it’s important to learn that relationship.

Which timbale goes on the left?

Most timbales are comprised of a 14 inch macho (male) drum on the right and a 15 inch hembra (female) on the left.

What instruments are in a salsa band?

The key salsa instruments are:

  • Vocals (salsa singers are typically called soneros)
  • Piano.
  • Guitar or tres (a Cuban musical instrument similar to guitar)
  • Trumpet.
  • Trombone.
  • Saxophone.
  • Double bass.
  • Congas.

What is the classification of timbales?


Percussion instrument
Other names Pailas, pailas criollas
Classification drum
Hornbostel–Sachs classification percussion (membranophone)
Developed c. 1900 in Cuba

What are the best timbales?

The 5 Best Timbales – Our Round-Up

  1. GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set. Affordable Option – Good quality timbales at an entry-level price.
  2. Latin Percussion LPA256 Aspire Series Timbale Set.
  3. Latin Percussion LP258SLP Tito Puente Thunder Timbales.
  4. Pacific Drums by DW Mini Timbale.
  5. Lp Lp845-K Mini Timbale Set.

What is the rhythm of a timbale drum?

Timbale. In the verses and softer sections of the music a rhythm is often played with a drum stick on the side of a drum such as the timbale or tom. This rhythm is called the “cáscara” rhythm (meaning “shell” as it is played on the shell of the timbale).

How big does a LP Salsa cowbell get?

They are also great additions to any percussion or drum set up adding new colors to any style of music. LP Salsa Cowbells are equipped with the LP forged eye-bolt assembly (except hand held bells) to provide a sure grip to any 3/8″ diameter rod.

What are the basic beats of salsa music?

In the player below there is a basic rhythm which plays on just beats 1, 3, 5 and 7. These are the “strong” or “fundamental” beats of salsa. A more complex rhythm is also included in the player which adds some extra beats to the basic rhythm.

What’s the name of the cow bell in salsa?

The cow bell (or “campana” or “bongo bell”) is played by the bongo player during the louder parts of salsa music (the “montuno” or “mambo” sections).