What is a kill card?

What is a kill card?

Kill cards. They are small laminated pieces of paper each marine and sailor keeps in his left shoulder pocket, per standard operating procedure. They are meant to save lives, so you’d think they’d be called life cards. But the Marine Corps won’t allow that; it only deals with death.

What is a zap card military?

A Zap number is a personal identification number used by operational troops using the first 2 letters of your surname, the last 4 of your army number and your blood group. As these are highly individual items, please call the office to place your order. Sold in sets of six.

Where do you put the death from above cards?

The calling card was placed on the chest or tucked, slightly, in the shirt pocket. But as I said before we did not use it except to say “We were here.” The actual “Death From Above” saying was a WWII phrase. As of August 1966, the 1st & 2nd of the 8th “Jumping Mustangs” were all carrying a deck of “Death From Above” cards.

Why are death cards called the death cards?

At the time, the tax on one pack was about the same as a week’s wages for a laborer, which indicates the scale of the forgery. Harding was found guilty at the Old Bailey and hangedin 1805. If one can get hanged for printing an Ace of Spades, perhaps that is a good reason for calling it the death card.

What did the Black Lions use death cards for?

Unit patches as Death Cards. The Black Lions. Some units that did not design death cards apparently used unit patches to mark the Viet Cong they killed. Since the cards were probably $20 for a thousand and the patches probably cost about a dollar each at the PX, this was an expensive way to mark the dead.

What do the 13 suits on a death card stand for?

The thirteen cards in each suit also stand for the thirteen lunar months in the year. The suits stand for the seasons. The red suits are feminine, warm, positive, upward looking, etc. The black ones are masculine, cold, negative, regressive, etc.