What is a GSRA umich?

What is a GSRA umich?

A Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA) is an appointment which may be provided to a student in good standing in a University of Michigan graduate degree program who performs personal research (including thesis or dissertation preparation) or who assists others performing research that is relevant to his or …

How much do GSIs make Umich?

Most GSIs and GSSAs work 16-20 hours per week, are paid approximately $21,500 per academic year, and receive a waiver for the full cost of their tuition. They also receive health insurance through the university’s GradCare plan.

What is a GSI Umich?

The terms and conditions of employment of Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) and Graduate Student Staff Assistants (GSSAs) at the University of Michigan are subject to the provisions of a Collective Bargaining Agreement (Agreement) between the University of Michigan and the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO).

How much does Umich housing cost?

Housing and dining costs at U-M are bundled together. In 2020 the average student paid about $11,996 to cover cost of living….U-M Housing and Meal Plan Costs.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $12,034 $12,034
Other Living Expenses $2,454 $2,454
Books and Supplies $1,048 $1,048
Total $15,536 $15,536

How much do GSI make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $139,500 and as low as $18,500, the majority of GSI Environmental salaries currently range between $40,500 (25th percentile) to $106,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $124,500 annually across the United States.

What is a GSRA?

GROUP SUPPLEMENTAL. RETIREMENT ANNUITY (GSRA)/ SUPPLEMENTAL RETIREMENT ANNUITY (SRA) These contracts are for additional employee. contributions over and above the match.

Do GSIs get paid?

Under the university’s systemwide labor contract, teaching assistants (TAs), also known as Graduate student Instrcutors (GSIs) are paid according to UC’s salary scale; in addition, the university is obligated to provide tuition and fee remission for TAs with appointments of 25 percent or more.

How do I apply for GSI Umich?

All PitE GSI positions are posted on http://careers.umich.edu/. Detailed application instructions are included in each job posting along with a list of required materials. REMINDER: When applying for these positions, be sure to copy and paste the link in the job description to submit your application.

What is graduate student instructor?

“Graduate student instructor” (GSI) refers to a graduate student having primary responsibility for the teaching of a course, either a Teaching Fellow or Associate In, not a Teaching Assistant.

How do I become a GSI?

First-Time GSI Requirements

  1. Attend the day-long Teaching Conference sponsored by the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.
  2. Successfully complete the online course GSI Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching before they interact with students (in person or online) in their role as an instructor.

How to contact gsra at University of Michigan?

Questions regarding the preparation of proposals, or project budgets involving GSRA participation in general, should be directed to DRDA Project Representatives at (734) 764-5500.

What are GSI and GSSA positions at University of Michigan?

The nature and definitions of GSI and GSSA positions, as well as other information about the terms and conditions of employment in such positions, are described in the University’s collective bargaining agreement between the University and the Graduate Employees Organization.

What are the housing options for University of Michigan?

Learn about our graduate housing options, community offerings and move-in process here. Brush up on all the policies and rules that are included in your housing contract. Michigan Dining runs nine residential dining halls, as well as on-campus cafés, markets, and a line of Blue to Go foods.

Is the graduate student research assistantship subject to collective bargaining agreement?

Note: Graduate Student Research Assistantships are not subject to the provisions of the university’s collective bargaining agreement with the Graduate Employee’s Organization (G.E.O.). What is a Graduate Student Research Assistantship?