What is a feint Dodge in netball?

What is a feint Dodge in netball?

Dodge: You need to use very quick footwork to trick your opponent into moving one way. Feint to go one way by moving your feet and body. Once you have your opponent off balance, you can set off in the other direction and into space.

What is a double feint in netball?

Cut back: WA runs one way, stops quickly – changes direction and runs into space to meet the pass. Double bluff: WA runs and stops, making it look as though they are going to cut back before continuing their run in the direction they were already running to meet the pass.

Where can I dodge in netball?

The Dodge: Feet shoulder width apart (weight evenly distributed) Players on their toes – ready to move. Player takes two steps one way, drops the shoulder, push off the outside foot to change direction and drive onto the ball the opposite way.

Why do you dodge in netball?

Dodging in netball is an important skill for all players as it can help them get free from the player that is marking them in order to receive the ball. It is especially useful for those players in an attacking position as they will be the players driving the ball up the court to the shooters.

What is a single Dodge in netball?

Once the defender goes for the bait than change direction and go the other way. This is a single dodge.

What is a spin dodge in netball?

Netball: Roll dodge White 1 steps across the defender with their right foot, pivoting on the left and then rolls around the back of blue 1 (turning her back) to receive the ball from X.

What is a roll in netball?

Netball: Movement Skills – The Roll The roll is a 360 degree rotation, preceded by a fake step forwards, used by players to lose their marker as they spin behind their marker to get into space to receive a pass.

What are the three types of dodging in netball?

Introduction Introduce to children the different types of doges used in Netball; faint dodge, double dodge, sprint dodge and spin dodge.

What does a feint Dodge mean in netball?

A feint Dodge is literally when you pretend to run in one direction in order to confuse your marker then run in the opposite direction. Feint literally means make a deceptive or distracting movement.

What’s the drill for double Dodge in netball?

This netball drill helps the player to practice to use a double dodge in order to outwit a defender. Loading…

How to do feint shot in to a pass netball?

Netball feint shot in to a pass Shooting Blue number 1 dummies a shot and passes the ball to number 2. Number 1 Dodge/Shoot/Rebound Drill Thumbna… Split players into 4s inside a coned area. The attackers (white) start with the ball on the outside of the playing area.

What is the scheme of work for netball?

Scheme of Work: Netball PE Resources Bank © Progress & Assessment by Outcomes –Expected Learning Outcomes of the unit 1. To develop balanced and coordinated movement patterns that can be transferred into a game situation. All pupils will: Understand the need to warm up. be able to visually demonstrate space in a controlled environment.