What information goes on a swing tag?

What information goes on a swing tag?

Swing tags are the industry standard for displaying product information, such as the size, material, price and wash care instructions. Commonly used on clothes, swing tags are also excellent options for a range of products, including bottles and machinery.

Are swing tags necessary?

Swing tags are the perfect opportunity for you to talk to your customers and convince them your product is worth buying. You should use labels and tags as a full communication channel with customers, mentioning contact details, and in this day and age also your social media details too.

What is the difference between hang tags and labels?

Labels are die-cut plastics, papers, metals, or other materials that can be affixed to containers or surfaces. Tags are labels without adhesive. They’re attached by other means, such as tying or hanging. Sometimes an adhesive just won’t work for a specific application.

What are swing tags made of?

Standard Tags: custom swing tags made from matt or gloss coated 350 gsm paperboard with a choice of six sizes and optional 3D varnish or gold or silver foil to create more of an impact.

How do you attach a swing tag?

Decide which part of the garment you wish to attach the hang tag. Ideally, hang one through a seam or the clothing label so you will not leave a hole in the clothing item’s fabric. Insert the tagging gun’s needle into the fabric and hold the garment in place. Engage the fastener by squeezing the instrument’s trigger.

Why hang tag is important?

It sets a strong impression and easily connects with the customers. The hang tags play a significant role in enticing the attention of the customers to your products. You can let your hangtags attract attention by designing them with the right color contrast, style, size, shape, and information.

What are the tags on clothes called?

What is a Hem Tag? The newest trend that has gained in popularity for the labeling industry, is the Hem Tag. These tags are those little folded logo tags you see placed on the outside of a clothing item.

How are swing tags made in the UK?

Here at we create custom-made, bespoke swing tags under one roof, keeping quality high and costs low. Choose from a wide variety of card stocks, including kraft and recycled. Tags have a huge range of finishing options, including lamination, foiling, spot UV and scratch-off latex panels, so whatever you need, we can provide.

What kind of label company is swing labels?

Swing Labels is a custom label solution provider whose core business is meeting both conventional and unconventional bar code and color label needs.

Do you remove the price from a swing tag?

If so, your customer will want to remove the price before giving it to the lucky recipient. Supply information, or ingredients leaving your logo and branding to be in the fore-front. Increase the durability of your swing labels and improve the look of your print with our laminated swing tags.

How big do swing tags need to be?

Simple square or rectangular printed swing tags, available in any size up to a maximum of 210mm x 210mm. Folded swing tags are ideal if you need to show more information such as instructions, images or ingredients. For something a bit different.