What happens if you bring X6-88 to Virgil?

What happens if you bring X6-88 to Virgil?

Even though X6-88 ordered Kellogg to kill Virgil, bringing X6-88 to Virgil has no effect, nor does he even bring it up. In addition, he will dislike it if the player allows Virgil to let them kill him. Recruiting Madison Li from the Institute to the Brotherhood will allow Virgil to send a note about his cure.

Where is the synth retention Bureau?

In Fallout 4, the S.R.B. and all of its glory appears, within its headquarters at the Institute.

How do I get X6-88 perk?

X6-88 is an optional Companion that can be recruited as a companion after completing the Institute quest Mankind Redefined. You will find him in the Institute SRB area in The Institute. After reaching highest affinity with him, you will gain the Shield Harmonics perk which provides +20 Energy Resistance.

Will X6-88 become hostile?

X6-88 will become hostile if the Sole Survivor attacks synths found in the Commonwealth. Upon first meeting X6 for the Synth Retention mission, if the Sole Survivor does not complete the mission or go to the location, he will follow as a second companion anywhere the Sole Survivor goes.

How long does it take for Z1 14 to contact you?

Wait for 24 hours, or return later after a full day has passed to see if he’s reached a decision. Return to the Institute after a full day and speak with Z1-14 once more.

Can you get X6-88 after destroying Institute?

Even after the player character has destroyed the Institute, X6-88 still can be found near the Nordhagen Beach settlement and still can be recruited as a companion. Moreover, dismissing him will simply make him teleport back to the Institute SRB as if it is not destroyed.

How do I start a synth retention?

The mission Synth Retention is part of the Fallout 4 main scenario quests, and is part of IGN’s main Walkthrough. This quest begins immediately after finish Institutionalized. Go speak with Father, and he will tell you about a Synth that has gone rogue.

Where do you find X6-88 in Fallout 4?

If you are interested in X6-88 as your companion, we will show you how you can recruit his companion and increases the relationship with him. Unlike Curie, X6-88 is a robot with human appearance. To find X6-88, you must follow the main quest to go to the institute. You will meet the father of the institute and you have to join his organization.

What do you need to know about the X6-88?

X6-88 is an Institute courser, designed for high-risk assault and retrieval operations above ground. X6 is very capable of engaging enemies at range and is equally capable of direct assault and more subtle approaches.

What happens to X6-88 after the nuclear option?

If completing The Nuclear Option by siding with the Railroad and without having been banished from the Institute, X6-88 will continue to be available as a companion. Unlike some of the other companions, he does not have any new dialogue reacting to the destruction of the Institute, and will speak as if they were still allies.

When does X6 travel to the desired location?

X6 will not travel to the desired location until combat has ceased. Unlike the Railroad, the Brotherhood won’t turn hostile if he’s brought along to the Prydwen. Despite the hostility between the Brotherhood and the Institute – when meeting Danse, or vice versa, the two will not be hostile.