What happened to Troy Escalade Jackson?

What happened to Troy Escalade Jackson?

Off the basketball court, Jackson worked as an advocate for STD prevention. He died in his sleep of hypertensive heart disease on February 20, 2011.

What did Escalade die from?

Hypertensive heart disease
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How tall is Troy Escalade Jackson?

2.08 m
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Is Troy Jackson still alive?

Deceased (1973–2011)
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Is Escalade dead?

How did flash from AND1 died?

Tyrone “Alimoe” Evans, And1 Streetball legend, Passed Away From A Seizure | Streetball world reacts.

Where is Troy Jackson from?

Queens, New York, United States
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Did Mark Jackson lose weight?

While at Louisville, he dropped his weight down to about 363-pounds.

How old is Troy Jackson?

38 years (1973–2011)
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What happened to the AND1 players?

On August 25, 2011, AND1 was sold to Galaxy Brands, a brand management company based in New York. The company later merged with Sequential Brands Group, a publicly-traded brand management company, but the personnel managing AND1 never changed.

Where did Troy Escalade Jackson go to college?

Jackson was born in Queens on January 11, 1976 and played basketball in college and was featured on the And1 Mixtape Tour . More recently, Escalade played for the Ball Up Streetball team and is the younger brother of Mark Jackson.

How old was Troy Jackson when he died?

“With his personality and verbal gifts, he commanded a lot of camera time.” Troy “Escalade” Jackson, a street basketball player, died in his sleep on February 20, 2011. Troy Jackson was born in Queens on Jan. 11, 1973.

How did Troy Jackson of the Harlem Globetrotters die?

Troy Jackson, the brother of ESPN analyst Mark Jackson, died in his sleep in Los Angeles Sunday morning. He had been in Los Angeles for All-Star Weekend. Jackson was featured on the And1 Mixtape tour in 2002, and went on the play for other streetball teams, namely the Harlem Globetrotters.

How tall is Troy Jackson from AND1 Mixtape?

Troy Jackson (January 11, 1972 – February 20, 2011) was an American basketball player. The younger brother of retired NBA player Mark Jackson, he was a member of the AND1 Mixtape Tour, known by his streetball nickname “Escalade”. Jackson was listed by AND1 at 6’10” and 500 pounds.