What happened to the Secret Saturdays?

What happened to the Secret Saturdays?

The Secret Saturdays is an American animated television series created by Canadian cartoonist Jay Stephens for Cartoon Network. The show finished its run on January 30, 2010, but aired reruns on Boomerang from December 5, 2011 to June 1, 2014.

What is Zak Saturday powers?

Zak Saturday
Occupation(s) Kur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Influences Cryptids Enhanced Strength Enhanced Agility Freestyle Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Equipment The Claw Battle Glove (temporarily) Tibetan Fire Sword (temporarily) Cortex Disruptor (temporarily) Reflex Disruptor (temporarily) Freeze Tech (temporarily)

Is Zak Saturday Kur?

Zak Saturday is the 11-year-old (he turns 12 in “Kur” and turns 13 in “Life in the Underground”) major character of the show. The son of Doc and Drew Saturday, Zak seeks adventure at every turn, which is easily satisfied by his cryptid-researching family.

When did Secret Saturdays get canceled?

30 January 2010
The Secret Saturdays/Final episode date
Now we all know that on January 30, 2010 The Secret Saturdays came to an end. A lot of us fans were upset and really didn’t like the ending. How could a good project series like this one turn into failure? When Jay Stephens launched this idea, Cartoon Network agreed to distribute the series with 52 Episodes total.

What happens to Zak in the Secret Saturdays?

The Saturdays find that out as that almost happens to Zak. The Saturdays, the Secret Scientists, and the Nagas save Zak, and the sorcerer disappears. When they all leave, Argost comes to where they leave the flute, and takes it, not knowing what he might do with it.

Who are the characters in the Secret Saturdays?

Clockwise beginning center: Zak Saturday, Doc Saturday, Zon, Fiskerton, Drew Saturday, and Komodo. Not pictured: Doyle Blackwell. The Secret Saturdays is a Cartoon Network action-adventure animated series created by Jay Stephens, an underground comic book artist responsible for the Emmy Award-winning Tutenstein and Annie Award nominee Jetcat.

Which is better Zak Monday or Zak Saturday?

It’s possible that Zak Monday knew about his powers for longer than Zak Saturday, shown by his better control over them.

How old was Zak Saturday when he was born?

Zak was born the same year that the Kur Stone was found, eleven years prior to the events of The Kur Stone: Part One. Drew was pregnant with him when the Stone was dug up. At around the age of four or five, Zak’s family rescued and adopted Fiskerton.