What happened to Lew Wallace High school?

What happened to Lew Wallace High school?

On June 3, 2014, the Gary School Board voted 4-2 to completely close Lew Wallace, along with five other schools. The building had $2.8 million of deferred maintenance 3 and had failed academic ratings for six years. In December 2014, Rock Church offered to acquire Lew Wallace for $100,000.

Where did Lew Wallace go to school?

Wabash College
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In 1836, at the age of nine, Lew joined his older brother in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he briefly attended the preparatory school division of Wabash College, but soon transferred to another school more suitable for his age.

When was Lew Wallace High school built?

Lew Wallace High School/Founded

When did Lew Wallace close?

June 3, 2014
As of 2014, the school was formally known as Lew Wallace Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) Academy. Athletic programs included baseball, basketball, football, and track. On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, the Gary School Board voted 4-2 to close Lew Wallace, along with 5 other schools.

Why is Lew Wallace famous?

Lewis Wallace, byname Lew Wallace, (born April 10, 1827, Brookville, Indiana, U.S.—died February 15, 1905, Crawfordsville, Indiana), American soldier, lawyer, diplomat, and author who is principally remembered for his historical novel Ben-Hur.

Where is General Lew Wallace buried?

Oak Hill Cemetery, Indiana, United States
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Did Lew Wallace meet Billy the Kid?

The two met secretly in Lincoln County and agreed that the Kid would testify against other local do-badders in exchange for exoneration. Afterwards, the Kid repeatedly wrote Wallace, begging for the pardon that Wallace promised him at that rendezvous.

What was Lew Wallace’s major accomplishment after the war?

Wallace went on to hold several government positions after the war, including the governorship of the New Mexico territory, and is also known for writing the book Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

What did Lewis Wallace do in the Mexican-American War?

In 1846 Wallace recruited a company for the First Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, with whom he served in the Mexican-American War. His war experience consisted mostly of garrison duty.

What did Lewis Wallace do in the Civil War?

Lewis “Lew” Wallace, a veteran of the Mexican-American War and Indiana State Senator, was appointed colonel of the 11th Indiana Infantry at the outbreak of the Civil War, and took part in many of the early campaigns of the Western Theatre.

Did Billy the Kid ever live in Indiana?

In the article Sheriff Whitehill stated that Billy’s right name was Henry McCarty, and he was born in Anderson, Ind. Shortly afterward his family moved to Silver City and that’s where he was raised.

Where did Lew Wallace High School get its name?

In 1926 the 45th Avenue School of Gary, Indiana was officially named Lew Wallace High School named after Lew Wallace.

When did Lew Wallace High School in Gary Indiana close?

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, the Gary School Board voted 4-2 to close Lew Wallace, along with 5 other schools. The building was reported to need $2.8 million of repairs. As of 2015, one year after closure, the building was reported to be in worsening condition. Stacy Adams, former football coach at Valparaiso University.

Who was Lew Wallace during the Civil War?

Wallace was a native to Indiana who served as a United States general during the American Civil War, as the governor of the New Mexico Territory, the Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, and as the author of Ben Hur. The “A and B wings” of Lew Wallace were constructed in 1933.