What happened to Judi Spiers?

What happened to Judi Spiers?

The BBC has come under fire after it confirmed Judi Spiers, the popular presenter of its BBC Radio Devon show, has been dropped following a 15-year stint on the station. Spiers, 62, has worked for the corporation since 1992 and joined the station in 2000, making her one of the BBC’s longest-serving female presenters.

What did Judi Spiers do?

Judi is a true Devon Maid who returned to her home ground after several years with BBC Radio 2. A highly experienced and respected broadcaster and interviewer, Judi also worked at the old Pebble Mill studios and for Westward TV and TSW.

How old is Judy Spires?

68 years (March 15, 1953)
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Who did Judi Spiers marry?

Richard Donald Hacker
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Who are the cast of Pebble Mill at one?

Pebble Mill at One: With Judi Spiers, Ross King, Alan Titchmarsh, Marian Foster. Daily magazine show broadcast form the BBC’s Pebble Mill studios. The show originally ran from 1973 to 1986 and was resurrected in 1991 (as “Pebble Mill”) and ran until 1996.

Where are the Pebble Mill Studios in Birmingham?

Pebble Mill Studios was a television studio complex owned by the BBC located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.

When was Pebble Mill closed to the public?

As well as being the home of Midlands Today and BBC Radio WM, programmes produced at Pebble Mill included Pebble Mill at One, The Archers, Top Gear, Doctors and Gardeners’ World . Pebble Mill Studios closed in 2004 and was demolished in September 2005. The front of the former Delicia Cinema on Gosta Green.

When did Sarah Spiers leave Pebble Mill show?

Spiers, 62, who formerly presented the BBC television programme Pebble Mill, was informed by bosses that she was being removed from the BBC Radio Devon show she had hosted since 2005. She had worked for the station since 2000.