What episode does Hayley and Klaus fight?

What episode does Hayley and Klaus fight?

And while we’re eager to see how Phoebe Tonkin’s character handles the boys of the Big Easy, we first have to discuss Hayley’s brutal battle with Klaus in “You Hung the Moon,” which earned Tonkin a spot as TVLine’s Performer of the Week.

Why did Hayley and Klaus fight?

Sexual (One Night Stand), Family, Both are parents to Hope Mikaelson; Frenemies/Friends, Former Enemies, Former Allies; Hayley ran off with Hope behind Klaus’ back, Klaus took their daughter back and had Dahlia place the Crescent Curse on Hayley and her pack as punishment for trying to take Hope away from him, She …

How did Elijah and Hayley meet in the originals?

They are referred to as ” Haylijah ” by the fans. Elijah gives Hayley his jacket. Elijah first meets Hayley when he went to New Orleans in order to find out why some witches in the city were conspiring against his brother, Klaus .

Who is the favorite couple of the originals?

Klayley (Klaus and Hayley) has won the official Relationship Poll on The Originals Website, voted as Favorite Couple of The Originals Series. Hayley doesn’t believe that Mikael’s words of Klaus being an abomination are true.

How did Hayley and Klaus get together on the Vampire Diaries?

Klaus and Hayley organize a get together for the wolves and vampires. They want to unite the two species. They then have a conversation about Elijah. Klaus offers Hayley advice as she contemplates telling Jackson about her time with Elijah. He advises her that she keep it a secret.

How did Hayley find out she was pregnant in the originals?

In The Originals, the witch Sophie Deveraux revealed that Hayley was, in fact, pregnant with Klaus’ child. Klaus refused to believe it until he used his enhanced hearing to hear the child’s heartbeat. Sophie revealed that the baby is one of Nature’s “loopholes”.