What does the story of Yusuf teach us?

What does the story of Yusuf teach us?

Forgive and show mercy to those who offend you: Even after all that his brothers put him through, Prophet Yusuf forgave them. So as much as you can, forgive the evil people do to you. And do not look at yourself better when you do so. This will make you a more honorable person before Allah.

What is the story of zulaikha and Yusuf?

“Yusuf and Zulaikha” (the English transliteration of both names varies greatly) refers to a medieval Islamic version of the story of the prophet Yusuf and Potiphar’s wife which has been for centuries in the Muslim world, and is found in many languages such as Arabic, Persian, Bengali, Turkish and Urdu.

Why Surah Yusuf was revealed?

Surah Yusuf, a chapter of the Qur’an (Koran), was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad at a critical juncture of his life. Allah revealed this precious surah to strengthen the Prophet Muhammad’s heart. To remind him that he lives in the footsteps of the great prophets of the past and that Allah’s help and support is there.

What Surah Yusuf teach us?

1. Avoid Jealousy. It teaches us that how jealousy could make the simple lives miserable. So, whenever you see someone else’s wealth, just say MashaAllah instead of being jealous.

Who was the most handsome prophet in Islam?

Joseph was known, in addition for being very handsome, to be of gentle temperament.

What was the story of Prophet Yusuf ( as )?

Zuleikha, however, was so taken by Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) beauty that she sought to have an illegal association with him. A Prophet of Allah could never be part of such an evil deed and Prophet Yusuf (AS) backed away from the advances of Zuleikha. As he raced for the door she ripped his shirt from behind.

Why was Yusuf placed in charge of the household?

Yusuf not only grew up to be a handsome young man but was also blessed with exceptional knowledge and wisdom by Allah. His honesty won the heart of Al-Azeez, who placed Yusuf in charge of his household. During this period, Yusuf was confronted with his second trial.

Why did Yusuf’s stepbrothers want to kill him?

Yusuf (a.s.)’s stepbrothers were jealous of the prophet because their father loved him immensely. Hence, they planned to kill him. They asked their father to agree to allow Yusuf to play with them. Once they had in this position, they threw him into a well.

Why was Yusuf jealous of his father Yakub?

Prophet Yusuf (as) told his father, Yakub (as), about his strange dream. Yakub (as) told him to be careful and not to tell anyone else about the dream. Prophet Yakub (as) loved all of his sons. But they all, except Binyamin, felt jealous of Yusuf (as) because they thought their father loved Yusuf more than he loved them.