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What does Romeo compare himself to Act 3 Scene 3?

What does Romeo compare himself to Act 3 Scene 3?

Romeo uses juxtaposing imagery to compare himself with ‘unworthy’ creatures such as rotting-flesh-eating flies, which he then beautifully compares with ‘the white wonder of Juliet’s hand’.

What is Romeo doing at the beginning of Act 3 Scene 3?

What is Romeo doing at the start of Act 3, Scene 3? Hiding in the Capulet orchard. Hiding at his father’s home.

How does the nurse confuse the story of the fight?

How does the Nurse confuse the story of the fight. She leads Juliet to think that Romeo has betrayed her. She claims that Romeo has killed Paris and Capulet. She makes it sound like Romeo is dead as well.

Why does Friar Laurence scold Romeo Scene 3?

Friar Laurence & the Plan Friar Laurence interjects and scolds Romeo for his behavior. He says that he is being irrational and melodramatic, like an animal or a woman. He also points out that Romeo has a lot to be thankful for. First of all, Juliet is alive and they are married.

What is Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 4 about?

Late on Monday evening, Capulet and Paris discuss how Juliet’s grief over Tybalt’s death has prevented Paris from continuing his courtship of Juliet. Suddenly, as Paris prepares to leave, Capulet offers him Juliet’s hand in marriage.

What does the friar tell Romeo to do in Act 3 Scene 3?

Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 3. Friar Laurence tells Romeo that the Prince has sentenced him to banishment rather than death. Romeo is distraught because he regards banishment as a form of living death when he cannot be with Juliet. The Friar tries to reason with Romeo, but young Romeo is inconsolable — “with his own tears made drunk.”.

What does the nurse give to Romeo in Act 3 Scene 3?

The Nurse gives Romeo a ring from his fair Juliet in Act 3, Scene 3. The meat of the scene contains Friar Laurence , Romeo, and the Nurse contemplating Romeo’s banishment from Verona after slaying Tybalt , but it ends with hope of Romeo and Juliet being reunited.

What is the summary of Act 3 Scene 1?

Plot Summary / The Story-line. Act 3 scene 1 of the play “ The Tempest ” is essentially a love scene between Ferdinand and Miranda. Over here in the immediate proximity of Prospero ’s cell Ferdinand gets overjoyed working with a pile of logs. It is true indeed his princely nature is somewhat rebellious against Prospero’s mastery.

What does Tybalt call Romeo in Act 3 scence 1?

Act 3, Scene 1 has Tybalt out looking for Romeo. Romeo will eventually enter the scene, and Tybalt now has his chance for revenge. He starts with an insult. He calls Romeo a “villain ,” and he is likely hoping to goad Romeo into a physical fight.