What does researching items do in eso?

What does researching items do in eso?

Research is a crafting process for Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking that will help players discover new traits. Traits are specific attributes that will increase some statistics of the players’ gear. Traits can be added to an item by including certain gemstones in the recipe while crafting the item.

How long does it take to research all traits eso?

Answers. Around eight months, give or take. kin-ages get started early and spend the rest of time farming your own potent and fortified. 8 and 9 traits with passives are 30 days.

How many items can you research at once eso?

Since you can research one Wood, Metal, Jewelry and Cloth/Hide item at the same time, at the bare minimum: 1 item, all 9 traits = Without any skills reducing research time: 1 item, all 9 traits: 127.75 days; with Rank 4: 77.8125 days. 8 items, all 9 traits = 432 hours or 144 hours with rank 3 bonus.

How do I get more research slots in eso?

In your craft skill tree you will be able to put a skill point into it to increase the number of items researchable. At level 8 of the respective crafts, there is a skill that both reduces the research time and allows an additional simultaneous research.

How long does it take to max crafting in ESO?

You just have more options in ESO. This would equate to approximately 64 traits. Traits can take up to 2 days to research MINUS the 15% bonus from the crafting ability to research quicker and a couple at a time. I saw some guy who calculated everything and said it would take 51 days to get a maxed set.

Should I research everything in eso?

Research is the option within crafting that allows you to extract traits from an item in exchange for the destruction of said item. Not all items are researchable. Researching new traits will take a very long time, as well as destroying the item involved, so it it advised you pick carefully.

How many traits can a weapon have eso?

9 traits
For every of the Armor, Jewelry or Weapon items we currently have 9 traits. As mentioned before, the quality of an item decides how effective it is.

Can you speed up research eso?

The only thing to speed research is to subscribe. You get 10% research bonus as ESO Plus.

Can you buy research scrolls eso?

PSA: You can buy 1 Day Research Scrolls from your local Master Writ Merchant for only 3 writs.

How do you max out crafting in ESO?

Log onto the character you want to power level Jewelry Crafting. Deconstruct all 490 glyphs using the multi deconstruction option at the Jewelry Crafting table (You do not need to take them out of the bank to decon)

How does research work in Elder Scrolls Online?

Research has a long cooldown, and only one trait per crafting type can be researched at a time. The cool down is applied per crafting type, so a player can research a trait in Woodworking, Jewelry Crafting, Blacksmithing, and Clothing at the same time. If you’re looking to learn a specific trait, look for items that have that trait.

How do you research a trait in ESO?

How to Research Traits in ESO. You must own an item with the trait you want to research. Go to the crafting station for the Item type, such as blacksmith or clothier. Find the research tab and select your item.

How many items can you research at once in ESO?

Level 1: Reduces research times by 5%, allows you to research two items at once. Level 2: Reduces research times by 10%, allows you to research two items at once. Level 3: Reduces research times by 20%, allows you to research three items at once.

What are the rewards for crafting in ESO?

The higher your level in a profession the better items you will be asked to craft and the better your rewards. These rewards can include Survey Reports and Master Writs. Survey Reports will send your around Tamriel to collect specific materials in greater quantities and for that reason they are valuable to crafters.